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The explanation about witchcrafts

                 An old man was very much angry on the society.  He says like this.  What is this world?  There is no mercy or pity in all the human beings.  It has become like the story of biting the goat, the cow, at last biting the human. There is no respect upon the parents. There is no affection between the brothers. There is no faith between the husband and wife. The affection upon the children has also become as the play on a dais.
Another person says like this. Many people are waiting for the bus for their travel without carrying about a human who is fighting with the death. Even the doctors who are responsible to save the patient are greedy for money without feeling about their duty. While the doctors itself changed their part, will the politicians, officials, social service persons, general workers, policeman remind unchanged? This is why our country is corrupted.

For this argument another person comments like this. The cinema is the prime reason for this corruption of these people by showing scenes about how to do a crime, how to get escaped from the crime, how to hide the crimes and act like a wise person. Moreover the cinema explains clearly like a dictionary about doing crimes such as killing, raping another person’s wife, how to create general problems by awaking the religious issues. By watching all such scenes a person understands about the wrong ways of development. Hence the cinema, and the television media should be banned at least for 10 years in the society for the true development of the society.
Nobody can object these peoples talks saying that this is unfair, not a fact etc. But we cannot also agree to these peoples statements as perfectly correct. That is we feel to ask about the good things being said in the cinema, is the cinema showing only bad things, there were no bad happenings in the society before the arrival of the cinema. We feel to ask about why no one is having in the mind that the good principles such as motherly love, brotherly affection, friendship, being genuine, dutifulness, etc. or all these are not set up to cover the people.

If it is true that the cinema will make a big change in life then it should have corrected at least fifty people out of hundred people why this is not being told to anyone we have to come to a conclusion by thinking evenly and by not focusing upon the question of why the cinema has created Auto Shankar, Jayaprakash, etc. Not only in tamilnadu but people in all over the world will understand bad things immediately comparing to the good things. There think about them by spending few hours in a day this is a common psychology of all the people. The news of a woman kissing a man in the middle of the road will get spread very fastly than the news of a woman hitting a man with her slippers who pulled her with his hand.

This shows that the good things will not be grasped by the human then the bad things getting grasped this suits not only to cinema but also to the witch craft. Likewise the witch craft epics have many good things also. Many productive ways have been explained for doing productive deeds by using magical witch crafts but many people do not know about these matters. Nobody is knowing about these good matters rather than knowing about the bad matters like mesmerism, libidinous fascination by magic, occurring death by witchcraft, etc.

Once I had given an interview in the television  about how to do harmful things with the mantras. Many people told me after seeing this that they were thinking me as a holy sage and they now think me that I am witchful man. Many people discontinue the relationship with me after asking about my speech in the television. I have to laugh upon their innocence in being considering me as a magician. Many people think that by talking about the use of witchcraft to injure a person, voodoo, sorcery, etc. What is going to happen to them? What is the benefit to them?, etc. few others think and fear that they may get by just taking about the witch craft. So much of fear and doubt feelings are filled with in the peoples mind.

What to do without having fear? I am also remembering the words told by someone about the event happened in this life. I was running a provision shop business. I used to make Rs.500/- everyday and was never used to fear for my family survival. I made my children to study in good school. I had taken good care of my parents. I used to fulfill all the requirements of my wife without fail. On a Friday morning, a tambourine man came and begged me for some money. I told him, Oh man! Today is Friday and you beg for money on today? What is this? Let me first get some this as poli. You go and come later. He replied that he will not go and he urged for money in a commanding voice. I got angry and pushed him out by shouting upon him Oh dog!, get out. He got angry and cursed me that I will come to the road by using all the wealth existing with me.

I did not care and fear for his curse and also forgot this incident considering that he is not a great sage who performs penance hardly by standing with head upon a needle tip. Next Friday, that is the eighth day of the day, he had cursed, the kerosene light fell down and the fire which can go off with a bowl of water has burnt my whole shop to ashes. His curse became true not in fifteen days but within eight days, I came to the road. Few days ago, I heard ten people as workers under me. But on today I am working in the Koyembedu bus stand by lifting the gunny bag as a laborer. Likewise if  a man is harmed with the magical witch crafts how can we research about the good and bad of the witch craft. Such kind of murmuring words are also falling in to my ears.

Yes. It is true. Many people who know in and out of the magical witch craft use their powers to do bad things or to block the hindrances rise from the bad results of the witch crafts. Generally many people mention about Voodoo, sorcery, etc. Many times and many magicians also spell these words frequently. What is the meaning for this? Many people do not know the real meaning of these words. Specifically we can understand the meaning of the words witchcraft Command, sorcery. But we cannot understand the meaning of Voodoo. Hence many people ask me if I can explain the meaning of these words. I consider that it is my duty to give them explanation. I also consider that it would be better if I give the complete details about the witch crafts after completing this duty of mine.

The word Voodoo is not in Sanskrit or in Tamil. This word spelled by lord Buddha is a word from Pali language. This can be meant as controlling of oneself. That means a person having magical powers or if he is a professional magician he can control ordinary man. This is called as “Voodoo” which means a magician who knows Voodoo Mantra can convert an ordinary human beings to a psychiatric patient, can make a healthy man to a serious patient. All the big deeds of a person can be converted to failure. This is the explanation of Voodoo.

Next the word sorcery comes. We all know that this is a word from Sanskrit ‘Shoonya’ means blank. The magical male of making a rich person to stand on the road as a poor is called a sorcery. With the help of Surya mantra anyone can be evaded, anyone’s hand and leg can be disabled we negative herbal energy can be inserted into the uterus of a mother without her knowledge and the kid can be killed.

To order a work to a person under oneself is called as Witchcraft Command. Likewise ordering to a powerful magical slave energy against the enemy and making their efforts to become waste, Likewise the brain of a person can be acquired in to control and he can be made as our slave.

Likewise another word being used in the witchcraft magic’s is Seivinai (neuter). The important aspect of Seivinai is to block a person who is performing according to his desire and earns profit and victory successfully and divert his mind into various ways and finally pushing him into a dig and spoiling his life. One persons financial situation can also be spoiled his health can be weakened. The next one is Vaippu this means to make a person eat a thing through a magical way or medicinal way or to rub something on their cloths or body  and having control upon them. There are many magical aspects in the Witchcraft magic.

While reading this you may have a doubt. That is what all will be prepared to apply this upon an individual or upon a family. This means which objects we have to acquire from the enemies upon whom we need to attack. The magicians are telling that to give trouble with the Witchcraft magic. Upon any one, we need their photograph or clothes with sweat or blond, or we have from their head, the mud below their feet.

PS :Auto Shankar, Jayaprakash, is the name of an Indian serial killer.

Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) is the use of magical faculties, most commonly for religious, divinatory or medicinal purposes. This may take many forms depending on cultural context.

Koyambedu is a locality in the South Indian city of Chennai.

The disease cured by the gift of the Siddhar

        I had recorded my writings about the experiences and the compliment of arsenic formulas got from the Siddhars, who got mystic powers.  Many people contacted over telephone and told me that I could also write the benefits and good deeds got by any people with these powers.
Hence I will share my first experience got from applying the arsenic formulas got from the siddhars.  Many people think that the arsenic formulas are medicines to cure the disease directly.  This is completely a wrong contemplation.
Generally a disease emerges due to the shortage of life saving nutrients in the body.  This rule will suit to the diseases from aids to the common cold.
The application of the arsenic formula medicines will yield us the lost power again in to our body.  This is why this medicine is considered as the great remedy for all the diseases.  We all know the aggressive nature of the cancer disease.

An ancient sidhar hymn states that the people affected with cancer will not born again.  That is the ancestors mean that the agony of cancer disease is such a horrible experience of  enjoying the benefit for the sins committed in the previous birth, the offenses committed in this birth together at once.  The human community is facing failures only after struggling with the cancer disease since long time.  The reason is that there is no proper medicine to get rid of the cancer disease.  This cancer disease eats of the life before the medical doctor finds out the indication of this disease.

An young woman was brought from Chennai by her parents.  She was like so pure like a fresh flower being plucked from the plant.  Despite strong promises, it is very much hard to believe of that she is a cancer patient.  But the god was stressing this little woman for some reason.

We never understand sometimes what could be the reason for the struggles and problems incurred by us.  If we commit a sin yesterday and enjoy the benefits for the same today then we would know that this is the benefit for the sins committed.

Who would know about the sins committed in the previous birth ?  Hence we shall console ourselves and considering that such diseases are the benefits of those sins.  There is no other way.  This woman would not have committed any sin in this birth.  She did not attend that age.  She has to bear the distress of this disease for the sake of the sins committed by her parents or due to the sins accumulated by her from the previous birth.  However, any rock hearted person also will start tearing in his eyes by just seeing this young woman and knowing about the disease suffered by her.

I gave the medicine made using arsenic formulas for the first time to that woman without having belief.  I did not express any promise to her or to her parents.  The reason is that I do not have any such experience previously.  But I got a very good news from them within three months.  They said that the formation of the disease has reduced upto half stage and they got new belief and life.  They also felt very happy.  But felt the happiness extremely.

PS : Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practiced an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation.

Will the mantra offer us many crores of rupees?

          There will be a problem for every person born on the earth. There is no human life without having problems. The poor person thinks that he will not have any problem if he becomes rich. But the rich person will have problems, like loss in business, troubles from wife and children, the fear of being cheated by anyone and come out on the road, etc. Such quantum troubles will surely be there for rich people.

Generally the mental confusion is the root cause for all kinds of the problems the human mind can be said as the worst ghost of all the ghosts. The human mind will jump like a the calf of the horse even for tiny victories. Just for a small desire also it will run like a dog, but if failed it will down its head like a hen affected with cough.

It is very difficult to control such a mind. This is why, Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that it is difficult to the control the mind. No one can perform such a tough work even by doing hard penance. There is no patience or time for that.
The thought of controlling the mind completely is equal to reading of all the books in the Connemara Book Library within a day itself.

There is no need to read all the books to develop the skill. Only one book is sufficient to recovered from the confused mind for the person who wants to rectify himself. Only one mantra is sufficient for such person. That mantra will offer him courageous mind, mental satisfaction and the brave mind to face any kind of struggles and problems.

We can ask about how an ordinary word will give so much to a person. I had already told you. Mantras are not ordinary words that is a sound of a god from the heaven that sound only is spread within us. The magical vibration power raises the hidden power within our mind and makes us perform. That’s all the matter. Is it not sufficient if the mind becomes clear? We can very easily manage all the problems.

Likewise, Human beings will have small wishes. If a person going in a cycle wishes to go in a car, even if this thought seems like a wish beyond the limit of a ordinary human being. But nobody can blame him if he wishes to ride a motorcycle.
There are separate radio frequencies for Pondicherry radio station, Tirunelveli radio station. Likewise, there are different mantras to fulfill our tiny wishes, to reach the almost enjoyment of attaining the boon of feeling the God. If we perform these mantras properly, we will get all the needs as per the desire of our mind.

For example, I feel to tell about myself instead of telling about others. Since 1987 my life was spent with business, politics, etc. I was not having any big times. The human life  will not be felt hard if there are no targets to fulfill. The cyclone came into my life after the year 1987 has broken all the feelings of my mind such as self – confidence, courage, ego, the desire to live etc.

My life would have come to an end surely if I was not aware of mantras. But the mantras have provided  me a rebirth. I am able to feed those people who are depended on me.

I am show many people if I were asked to show someone else apart from me. I feel that it will be good to show one or two over here. He was a big star in the Tamil cinema world during 1996. He took more money as a salary during the period of Rajinikanth who took one crore rupees as his salary. 
He was not only an actor, and was a good story writer, good director, very good film producer. Likewise, he was in peak in his profession. He came to the road by anonymously cheated by his own brother and his wife. Meanwhile, he came to by knowing about me. I wondered by seeing the famous film star in front of me, but after listening to his story I had a worry instead of surprising of meeting a famous film star.

I gave him few mantras and asked him to chant and come.  He told me Sir, I cannot do this with confidence in this mental condition. I will not be able to concentrate my mind for time being. Can you do this for me? It can be done but to do so few external things are required. He was not having money to buy them. I was not having mind to ask him.

But I have to explain the situation to him isn't it? I explained him. At last he brought Rs.5000/- as hand loan from someone in spite of him earning crores of rupees in his life.   
I was feeling very bad but I was not having any other choice. He got a good chance to act in a movie as a guest appearance actor on the 25th day of the day of the pooja done by me. He got booked for three more movies by the time of the completion of the pooja by me. Now he has started producing telugu movies and reduce his acting in Tamil movies.

The other person was working as the manager in the Banian company situated at Tirupur. The company owner sealed the factory due to the conflicts in the business. He lost his job. He did not get any other job for long time in spite of having professional experience. The aged mother, the wife, three children were depended on his earnings only.

In this costly world is it not difficult to run the daily life of six people with the earnings of a single person. He came to a pitiful situation. He decided to commit along with the family.

At last he bought a bottle of poison with the money in hand and was walking towards his home. Meanwhile, one of his friend met him and gave my address and phone number and told him to meet me to get rid of all the problems in life.
But he kept the address slip in his pocket carelessly went home, convinced his wife and got her concern to commit suicide. His wife happen to see the address slip in his pocket accidentally and asked him, Dear! Why not we commit suicide after at least having a meeting with him.

Both of them phone called me at 12.00 in the midnight. I told them I do not want to stop them if death is their last decision.  Be he is the stupid who says that I am failed while standing in the edge without even attempting to climb up till the end of the peak of the trial.  You also live like that stupid.  If you have faith upon me, just post pone your death day for three more days focusing the welfare of your children.  A door will open by that time.  Have faith and don’t lose confidence.

Even though I told them like that my mind was very much sympathized for them.  Experienced greater pain.  I prayed the almighty to bless them with a way to get out from their sorrowful life.  I chanted few specific mantras.  What a wonder!  I got a phone call from them on the second day.
He spoke to me in emotionally mixed with weeping and happy voice that Sir, as supposed by you, the god has graced us on the second day itself as the reward for our patience.  I got job for a salary of two thousand rupees.  I can survive my life with this payment.  Listening to his words, I thanked the god.

I expressed obeisance to my master for his grace for preaching the mantra of saving a family. Likewise many experiences can be described.  I can show many more verified indications and proofs that the mantras will unquestionably endow good results to all kinds of people.

PS: Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning The Song of the Bhagavan, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Tirunelveli: Tirunelveli also known as Nellai and historically (during British rule) as Tinnevelly, is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Hindu Children shall read the holy Quran

       The problem of religions exists not only in our country, but is a global problem around the world.  But this a topic of hurting the country’s soul only in our country of India.

Those who want the development of India want to extradite such kind of religious fights from our country.  But many of them do not know the way to make peace between Hindu and Muslim people.

Many foreigners have invaded our country before the invasion of Alexander.  Although there is no alternative opinion that all these invasions are for the desire of acquiring the country, all the invaders were in the thought of robbing all the wealth of our country and none of them were wishing to stay here and rule the country.  But the Muslim kings attempted to establish their eternally ruling power upon the country and found that there are many impediments to their efforts.  They assumed that if their ruling authority is established in this country then the whole nation will be spread with the Islam religion as the main religion of the country.  Hence they started involving themselves in that experiments

They started attempting to change the people’s mind to get converted to their religion.  Hence the Antipathetic feeling has started growing in the peoples mind upon them.  In spite of the existence of the Muslim people in India, the Antipathetic feeling upon them is existing still vastly in the minds of all the people.  Even though we may not note such Antipathetic feeling in the south India we can observe this feeling in various places of the north India. It is the foolishness of the hindu people that they dislike the innocent Muslims, instead of expressing their extreme dislike of the Islam kings.  Few political parties are using this foolishness of the public for their favorable activities.  The hindu people are worried due to the activities done by the government in the supportive to such political parties.  Such kind of compassionate situation of not caring the country’s position takes place only in the secular Indian government.

Today none of the muslim people living in India are the people came from the arab countries.  They are our neighborhood brothers only.  This fact is forgotten by the hindu and the muslim people.  The hindu people alone are not the offenders for the non appearance of the unity between Hindu and muslim people.  The muslim people also have equal offense.  I have experienced of seeing many muslim parents introducing the hindu people to their children mentioning them as the god’s enemies. The behavior of the muslims is wrong like the fact of the oil and water will not stick to each other. Such a society will be in the minority in order to save themselves a little bit of Indian Muslims, though most of that is natural to make mistakes.  Although it is a natural deed that a minority society may commit such mistakes, the activities of the indian muslims is too much.  Hence the government has to do something to clear the problem of hindu – muslim conflict.  But clever people have lost the faith that our governments will take productive activities for this.

The Hindu-Muslim politicians are thinking that they can run their show only by continually developing such religious partialities and conflicts.This situation shall change.  Secular government does not means that the government is beyond the religions.  It means that all the religions shall be treated as equal.  Hence if our government intends really to avoid the enmity between the people, hindu people shall read the HolyQuran. The Islamic children shall read the Bhagawad gita. If opinion about both these religions is known to each other clearly then, the people of the future generations will start seeing each other as a human being instead of the people related to a specific caste.

The blemish of Saturn and the sesame rice

    Sir, I am born in swathi star.  According to my horoscope my lagna is Aries. The Janma sani is going to start for me in the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day. Will this create any problem to my health? Please explain. 
Rajagopalan, Kallakurichi.
      The effects of the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day will not be malicious according to the calculation done by us based on the Almanac of astrological spheroids as per the birth details sent by you. The reason is that this period of the Saturn in your horoscope is the second round only that is the period the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day is the period of Saturn offering you all kinds of wealth. The wealth and your place in the society will always be in the ascending path and will never descend during this period. Moreover the swathi star is a favorable star to the planet Saturn. Hence it can be concluded that the effects of the Birth Saturn JanmaSani in your horoscope will not be malicious. Moreover the present Dasa and Buddhi in your horoscope are formed in a good way only.  Here you need not fear for this. But it is a best habit to go to Thirunallar and worship the Planet Saturn Saneeswara. In case if you cannot visit there, you may offer sesame rice to the crow on every Saturday. This will give you the best effects.

Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.
Thirunallar : Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, India, in the Union Territory of Puducherry, and can be reached by road from the town of Karaikal, an enclave which lies within the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Thirunallar is most noted for the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn), Thirunallar Saneeswara Temple within the temple dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva.
Lagna : In Vedic Astrology Jyotiṣa, the Lagna or Ascendant is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth in Jyotiṣa.

The dead one will born again

        My elder brother has expired before two years due to his ill health.  Now my younger brother has got a male infant baby born to him.  Many of the village people who saw this child have told that my elder brother who is expired was looking like this child only at his childhood age.  The child also is always staring at the elder brother’s photograph itself.  My elder brother was used to tell that he will born in this home itself again and do all his duties.  Many incidents happened in the home confirm this as true.  My elder brother was unmarried.  My younger brother got married to girl he loved and got a female child before the death of my elder brother.  Our elder brother was the only person to help all of us to get educated.  He was taking good care of all the members of the family with great love and affection.  My mother has named my elder brother’s name to this child.  Will the dead ones born again?
        One of the very important and proven facts of the Hindu Religion is the re-birth of a human being.  That is the main principle of the re-birth is that the human being will born again according to the sins and good deeds committed by him.  If we clap with our two hands we get a sound and by thrumming the veena instrument also a music will come.   This can be said as the result of a deed although it is an effect of an occurrence.  The fate is that the main person who commits a mistake or a deed shall enjoy the benefits of that occurrence according to the nature

You may now feel correct and smart, by betraying a woman after loving and making her pregnant and telling that you will not marry her.  But you will have to enjoy the benefit of your betrayal.  You will have to enjoy the benefits of this betrayal at least in the next birth even if  you escape enjoying in this birth.  We can see many people whispering like this that I am suffering terribly in this birth and I am unable to understand why am I troubled so much.  The main reason or root cause for such unknown sufferings is that the sins committed in our previous birth.

Committing the sins or doing the fortunes, We have to take another birth to enjoy the benefits.  If we get a miserable problem due to the sins and if we enjoy a pleasure due to the good deed done by us, both of these are the arresting animals to the human beings according to the spiritual theory.  That is the benefit of the sins committed is like a iron animal and the benefit of good deed is like a golden animal.  The human being shall attain the stage of salivation by crossing across his life.  He shall born again and again until he gets enlightenment.

The other religions say that there is no rebirth.  The scientists may blare on the stage meetings.  But of course there is a rebirth surely.  Death is not the end.  It is the beginning of another chapter.  Life changes the body like a man removing the existing shirt and changing to another shirt.  This is why our Siddha people say that the euthanasia is like sleeping and the birth is like getting up from the sleep.  To say this more clearly, we get up from deep sleep with the same body and while getting up from the euthanasia sleep, we get up with another body.  There is no need to have a doubt.  There is a birth even after the death.

At the same time, another fact shall be clearly understood.  There is no rule that the dead man shall born again in the same family.  In many cases it is not possible. Somewhere like fig bud it happens very rarely.  It shall not be forgotten that such happening will be based on the god’s command and will never happen according to the will of the dead soul.

Do you also have this confusion?

        Sir, I have a doubt.  One day is consisting of the time of period from morning 6 to next day morning 6 or the time of period from midnight 12 to 12?  The time of birth is mentioned as midnight 3.30 on Saturday in my horoscope.  This can be considered to which day?  I need your explanation.  Kindly excuse me if I have asked anything wrong.
Vijayakumar R.

             The question asked by this reader is an ordinary one only. But this is has much important notion.  Many people get such kind of doubt and confusion.  Hence many people are confused whether they are born on Tuesday or Wednesday.  According to the Tamil and Indian astrology calendar a day is considered from the time of the sun rise time to the next sun rise.  That is 6 am to the next day morning 6 am is considered as one day.

But according to the English calendar one day will start at the midnight or at 1.00 am early in the morning.

Preparation of horoscope is being done according to the Tamil cultural almanac from ages.  The Tamil methodological numerology will not be suitable to the numerological astrology of the English method.

The start up of a day can be considered as starting from 1-O'clock  as all the government regulations are following the English method.

But while presuming the astrology, Tamil method shall be followed.  According to the tamil method, it is right that the reader is born on Saturday midnight.  But according to the English method, it is only right that he is born on early morning of Sunday.  There is no need to get confused in this.  Let the astrologers do all the calculations for preparation of the horoscope.  According to your method it is for sure that you are born on Sunday.

Do the work first

              There is no living being which is unfaithful like the human.  He says that all the victories and the crores of money were earned by him only with his skills and hard work.  If any small obstacle is faced, the same human mumbles and weeps, O God! Why are you giving this setback?  Few people ask over that is not unfaithful sense of nature of the human to say that all the victories were earned by him and if he happen to fail in anything the god is responsible for that.

While we happen to listen to such talks, we also feel that we have also faced such situations. If the big brother gets a job, we say that he got that job with his proficiency and expertise.  If the father gives some extra money we say that he got the money with his hard work.  But in the case if any failure we say that the god has not given anything. Is this fair?  Our wise men and spiritual elders state that always live in thinking about the god and never think about anything else but we happen to get self pity about us not being able to think about the god but we think about the defective computer system or if the cow which used to capitulate the milk has fallen ill, etc.

The sages and saints may think about the god in every second of their life, but how can we, being an ordinary human being possible to think about the god?  We may get confused and worried if may suffer like this without getting the grace of the god if we are unable to think about the god always.
There is no need to worry or confuse about this.  The Hindu religion says that the ordinary human beings who have involved themselves in the family life need not think about the god in every second of the life and it is sufficient if they can worship the god with complete dedication when they get time in their life.

Once the devout sage narada was very much proud about his devotion upon the Lord Narayana while comparing to all others.  He also declared about this in front of the lord.  Listening to the prideful talk of the narada, Lord Narayana advised him not to be so much proud about himself and he told about a farmer living in the kailasapuram who is much more dedicative upon the Lord Narayana than the sage narada.  Sage Narada had a wish to see that devotee immediately.  One day in the morning time, he went to that town and saw him.  That man woke up in the morning and just said O my father Narayana and then he went to the paddy field by taking the plow along with him.

Narada also went along with him.  That man ploughed the paddy field till the sun comes to the middle of the sky the sunny time.  Then he ate some old rice and lied down under a tree and rested for some time.   Then he did the works of cutting the furrow, weeding etc. one by one and came back to his home after the sun set.   After finishing his dinner food he once again said O my father Narayana and started sleeping well.

Narada did not able to understand anything.  He thought that how that man is greater than him, while he just thinks about the god only twice in a day while getting up from the sleep and at the time of going to bed.  He asked about this doubt to the Lord Narayana itself.  The Lord Narayana replied him that it is not important that how many times that man thinks about him but it is important that the time of his thinking about the god is only important.  That is the time of your worship of god can be just for a minute also.  But that one minute shall be delicately spent exclusively for him.  This is the basic pitch of our religion.

What is the point of just thinking about the god without doing any work.  What will be the end result?  It’s just zero.  Lord Sri Krishna says in the classic Bhagavad Gita that do your duty without having any rest.  And he never says that think about the god without doing any of your duties.  But this advice will be suitable for mystic and gracious people only and not to ordinary human beings like us.  The life according to the Hindu dharma is to urge the god for his grace after performing sincere hard work.

It is not wrong to forget the god at the time of attaining victory.  But we have to call the god while we face any failure without fail.  We have to scream saying that O God!  Please save me.  Please lift me from the tunnel.  Such kind of yelling will console us that we also have someone to embrace us and we will also have the inspiration to further work hard.  Therefore call the god when you have any difficulty.  He is there to wipe your tears.

PS: Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning The Song of the Bhagavan, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

The planets conferring us the mental illness

     Dear Guruji, My salutations to you.  I am writing this letter in a great mental agony.  I admitted my eldest daughter into medical study with great difficulty.  She studied well for an year.  There was no problem.  But the troubles started from the second year.  She did not concentrate on the studies.  She did not move well or talk unreservedly with her hostel roommates or classmates.  She will lock the door of her room while she comes to home for holidays.  All of us were shocked about lack of her regular personality of talking cheerfully with everyone.

Suddenly we got a phone call from her college office.  They said that she is unusual now unlike her nature and we shall take her back to our home immediately.  All of us were traumatized of this news.  We went immediately to the college and brought her to home.  She was completely a patient affected with mental illness disease.  We have given her numerous medical treatments.  Few people told that she might have got affected with a ghost spirit.  We have also taken steps for that.  But there was no use of all our trials.

We have been wandering to the hospital, temple, magicians, etc from the past two years.  We also met few astrologers.  They say that it will be alright now or in the soonest time.  But there is no improvement in health till now.  The grievous point is that none of us being so much close to her or her very best friends are able to understand or trace the reason for this disease or the incident which has given so much of shock to get into such a troublesome disease.

It will be very difficult if a male child is affected with the mental illness disease.  All of you will be knowing how immense the difficulty of bearing the mental illness disease is affected to a female child.  If she is the only child, then it is okay.  But there are two more female children after her.   We are very much worried about the future of the other two kids may get spoiled due the threatening mental disease to this first female child.  I want to know why she has become a mental illness patient and will this disease of her mental illness can be cured.  I request the guruji to bless me with a detailed way out of this hazardous disease.  I will be highly grateful to you all over my life if you can suggest me with a better way to get my daughter cured from this disease.


   The diseases like cancer and aids are considered as the worst diseases in the world.  But if I would say that the nastiest disease is the mental illness.  Because the patient affected with the cancer disease knows well that what is happening to him and he can explain his problems to others.  But the people affected with mental illness disease know nothing about themselves and also about the happenings around them.  Your daughter is affected with such a kind of most horrible disease.  This is very much sorrowful.  But the god has a merciful to all.  He will show a better way to this problem and get you all out from this sorrows and problems.

You said that none of you could not feel the reason of the change in your daughter health.  I am unable to agree this.  A true mother can realize even a small change in her children. But a father cannot have this sense of realizing.  Try to recollect the happenings or the changes occurred in her before she became to this stage of a mental illness patient.  You can judge the reason to a certain stage.

The planets mars and kethu are placed together in your daughter’s horoscope.  The kaushika naadi astro manuscripts say that such kind of planet connections would make the horoscope holders to fall in love.  Based on these theories, it is very much clear that your daughter might have fallen in love with some anonymous man who is elder than her and she is in a stage of being unable to express this feelings to anyone.

More over, an epic named Jathaka Chinthamani declares that the effect of mental illness disease will be more to those horoscope holders having the planets Jupiter, Sun and Saturn being present together with the sixth ruler.  Unfortunately the formation of your daughter’s horoscope  is like that.

The horoscope chart decor says that this mental illness disease will get away after some time as the Jupiter and ketu are in good positions.  Based on this, it can firmly be said that your daughter’s mental illness disease will get cured.

It is clear that there are some ancestral defects in your family by analyzing your daughter’s horoscope deeply.  Hence do all the remedial deeds suitably to evade the blemishes and troubles of these defects.  Apart from this visit the Kala Bhairava temple located in the Kasi (Varanasi) City on the coming twentieth day of the February month of 2015 and tie the holy thread in your daughter’s right hand wrist brought from this temple after doing the relevant pooja by the holy priest of this temple.  With the grace of the Lord Kala Bhairava and with the effects of the medical treatments your daughter will get completely cured by the end of the November month.  Do not worry.  You may think about how the tedious disease will get cured with this holy thread which is not being cured by the treatments of professional doctors and quality medicines.  My realistic experience is that the doctors are just providing the medications and treatments.  But the disease is being cured only the grace of the god.

PS: Jupiter and ketu : Planet of Luck Jupiter is the thinking-person's planet,Ketu is the descending lunar node. 'Ketu' is said to be the body of Rahu, after the head of the asura was cut off by God Vishnu.

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