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The blemish of Saturn and the sesame rice

    Sir, I am born in swathi star.  According to my horoscope my lagna is Aries. The Janma sani is going to start for me in the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day. Will this create any problem to my health? Please explain. 
Rajagopalan, Kallakurichi.
      The effects of the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day will not be malicious according to the calculation done by us based on the Almanac of astrological spheroids as per the birth details sent by you. The reason is that this period of the Saturn in your horoscope is the second round only that is the period the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day is the period of Saturn offering you all kinds of wealth. The wealth and your place in the society will always be in the ascending path and will never descend during this period. Moreover the swathi star is a favorable star to the planet Saturn. Hence it can be concluded that the effects of the Birth Saturn JanmaSani in your horoscope will not be malicious. Moreover the present Dasa and Buddhi in your horoscope are formed in a good way only.  Here you need not fear for this. But it is a best habit to go to Thirunallar and worship the Planet Saturn Saneeswara. In case if you cannot visit there, you may offer sesame rice to the crow on every Saturday. This will give you the best effects.

Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.
Thirunallar : Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, India, in the Union Territory of Puducherry, and can be reached by road from the town of Karaikal, an enclave which lies within the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Thirunallar is most noted for the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn), Thirunallar Saneeswara Temple within the temple dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva.
Lagna : In Vedic Astrology Jyotiṣa, the Lagna or Ascendant is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on earth in Jyotiṣa.

The dead one will born again

        My elder brother has expired before two years due to his ill health.  Now my younger brother has got a male infant baby born to him.  Many of the village people who saw this child have told that my elder brother who is expired was looking like this child only at his childhood age.  The child also is always staring at the elder brother’s photograph itself.  My elder brother was used to tell that he will born in this home itself again and do all his duties.  Many incidents happened in the home confirm this as true.  My elder brother was unmarried.  My younger brother got married to girl he loved and got a female child before the death of my elder brother.  Our elder brother was the only person to help all of us to get educated.  He was taking good care of all the members of the family with great love and affection.  My mother has named my elder brother’s name to this child.  Will the dead ones born again?
        One of the very important and proven facts of the Hindu Religion is the re-birth of a human being.  That is the main principle of the re-birth is that the human being will born again according to the sins and good deeds committed by him.  If we clap with our two hands we get a sound and by thrumming the veena instrument also a music will come.   This can be said as the result of a deed although it is an effect of an occurrence.  The fate is that the main person who commits a mistake or a deed shall enjoy the benefits of that occurrence according to the nature

You may now feel correct and smart, by betraying a woman after loving and making her pregnant and telling that you will not marry her.  But you will have to enjoy the benefit of your betrayal.  You will have to enjoy the benefits of this betrayal at least in the next birth even if  you escape enjoying in this birth.  We can see many people whispering like this that I am suffering terribly in this birth and I am unable to understand why am I troubled so much.  The main reason or root cause for such unknown sufferings is that the sins committed in our previous birth.

Committing the sins or doing the fortunes, We have to take another birth to enjoy the benefits.  If we get a miserable problem due to the sins and if we enjoy a pleasure due to the good deed done by us, both of these are the arresting animals to the human beings according to the spiritual theory.  That is the benefit of the sins committed is like a iron animal and the benefit of good deed is like a golden animal.  The human being shall attain the stage of salivation by crossing across his life.  He shall born again and again until he gets enlightenment.

The other religions say that there is no rebirth.  The scientists may blare on the stage meetings.  But of course there is a rebirth surely.  Death is not the end.  It is the beginning of another chapter.  Life changes the body like a man removing the existing shirt and changing to another shirt.  This is why our Siddha people say that the euthanasia is like sleeping and the birth is like getting up from the sleep.  To say this more clearly, we get up from deep sleep with the same body and while getting up from the euthanasia sleep, we get up with another body.  There is no need to have a doubt.  There is a birth even after the death.

At the same time, another fact shall be clearly understood.  There is no rule that the dead man shall born again in the same family.  In many cases it is not possible. Somewhere like fig bud it happens very rarely.  It shall not be forgotten that such happening will be based on the god’s command and will never happen according to the will of the dead soul.

Do you also have this confusion?

        Sir, I have a doubt.  One day is consisting of the time of period from morning 6 to next day morning 6 or the time of period from midnight 12 to 12?  The time of birth is mentioned as midnight 3.30 on Saturday in my horoscope.  This can be considered to which day?  I need your explanation.  Kindly excuse me if I have asked anything wrong.
Vijayakumar R.

             The question asked by this reader is an ordinary one only. But this is has much important notion.  Many people get such kind of doubt and confusion.  Hence many people are confused whether they are born on Tuesday or Wednesday.  According to the Tamil and Indian astrology calendar a day is considered from the time of the sun rise time to the next sun rise.  That is 6 am to the next day morning 6 am is considered as one day.

But according to the English calendar one day will start at the midnight or at 1.00 am early in the morning.

Preparation of horoscope is being done according to the Tamil cultural almanac from ages.  The Tamil methodological numerology will not be suitable to the numerological astrology of the English method.

The start up of a day can be considered as starting from 1-O'clock  as all the government regulations are following the English method.

But while presuming the astrology, Tamil method shall be followed.  According to the tamil method, it is right that the reader is born on Saturday midnight.  But according to the English method, it is only right that he is born on early morning of Sunday.  There is no need to get confused in this.  Let the astrologers do all the calculations for preparation of the horoscope.  According to your method it is for sure that you are born on Sunday.

Do the work first

              There is no living being which is unfaithful like the human.  He says that all the victories and the crores of money were earned by him only with his skills and hard work.  If any small obstacle is faced, the same human mumbles and weeps, O God! Why are you giving this setback?  Few people ask over that is not unfaithful sense of nature of the human to say that all the victories were earned by him and if he happen to fail in anything the god is responsible for that.

While we happen to listen to such talks, we also feel that we have also faced such situations. If the big brother gets a job, we say that he got that job with his proficiency and expertise.  If the father gives some extra money we say that he got the money with his hard work.  But in the case if any failure we say that the god has not given anything. Is this fair?  Our wise men and spiritual elders state that always live in thinking about the god and never think about anything else but we happen to get self pity about us not being able to think about the god but we think about the defective computer system or if the cow which used to capitulate the milk has fallen ill, etc.

The sages and saints may think about the god in every second of their life, but how can we, being an ordinary human being possible to think about the god?  We may get confused and worried if may suffer like this without getting the grace of the god if we are unable to think about the god always.
There is no need to worry or confuse about this.  The Hindu religion says that the ordinary human beings who have involved themselves in the family life need not think about the god in every second of the life and it is sufficient if they can worship the god with complete dedication when they get time in their life.

Once the devout sage narada was very much proud about his devotion upon the Lord Narayana while comparing to all others.  He also declared about this in front of the lord.  Listening to the prideful talk of the narada, Lord Narayana advised him not to be so much proud about himself and he told about a farmer living in the kailasapuram who is much more dedicative upon the Lord Narayana than the sage narada.  Sage Narada had a wish to see that devotee immediately.  One day in the morning time, he went to that town and saw him.  That man woke up in the morning and just said O my father Narayana and then he went to the paddy field by taking the plow along with him.

Narada also went along with him.  That man ploughed the paddy field till the sun comes to the middle of the sky the sunny time.  Then he ate some old rice and lied down under a tree and rested for some time.   Then he did the works of cutting the furrow, weeding etc. one by one and came back to his home after the sun set.   After finishing his dinner food he once again said O my father Narayana and started sleeping well.

Narada did not able to understand anything.  He thought that how that man is greater than him, while he just thinks about the god only twice in a day while getting up from the sleep and at the time of going to bed.  He asked about this doubt to the Lord Narayana itself.  The Lord Narayana replied him that it is not important that how many times that man thinks about him but it is important that the time of his thinking about the god is only important.  That is the time of your worship of god can be just for a minute also.  But that one minute shall be delicately spent exclusively for him.  This is the basic pitch of our religion.

What is the point of just thinking about the god without doing any work.  What will be the end result?  It’s just zero.  Lord Sri Krishna says in the classic Bhagavad Gita that do your duty without having any rest.  And he never says that think about the god without doing any of your duties.  But this advice will be suitable for mystic and gracious people only and not to ordinary human beings like us.  The life according to the Hindu dharma is to urge the god for his grace after performing sincere hard work.

It is not wrong to forget the god at the time of attaining victory.  But we have to call the god while we face any failure without fail.  We have to scream saying that O God!  Please save me.  Please lift me from the tunnel.  Such kind of yelling will console us that we also have someone to embrace us and we will also have the inspiration to further work hard.  Therefore call the god when you have any difficulty.  He is there to wipe your tears.

PS: Bhagavad Gita: The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning The Song of the Bhagavan, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

The planets conferring us the mental illness

     Dear Guruji, My salutations to you.  I am writing this letter in a great mental agony.  I admitted my eldest daughter into medical study with great difficulty.  She studied well for an year.  There was no problem.  But the troubles started from the second year.  She did not concentrate on the studies.  She did not move well or talk unreservedly with her hostel roommates or classmates.  She will lock the door of her room while she comes to home for holidays.  All of us were shocked about lack of her regular personality of talking cheerfully with everyone.

Suddenly we got a phone call from her college office.  They said that she is unusual now unlike her nature and we shall take her back to our home immediately.  All of us were traumatized of this news.  We went immediately to the college and brought her to home.  She was completely a patient affected with mental illness disease.  We have given her numerous medical treatments.  Few people told that she might have got affected with a ghost spirit.  We have also taken steps for that.  But there was no use of all our trials.

We have been wandering to the hospital, temple, magicians, etc from the past two years.  We also met few astrologers.  They say that it will be alright now or in the soonest time.  But there is no improvement in health till now.  The grievous point is that none of us being so much close to her or her very best friends are able to understand or trace the reason for this disease or the incident which has given so much of shock to get into such a troublesome disease.

It will be very difficult if a male child is affected with the mental illness disease.  All of you will be knowing how immense the difficulty of bearing the mental illness disease is affected to a female child.  If she is the only child, then it is okay.  But there are two more female children after her.   We are very much worried about the future of the other two kids may get spoiled due the threatening mental disease to this first female child.  I want to know why she has become a mental illness patient and will this disease of her mental illness can be cured.  I request the guruji to bless me with a detailed way out of this hazardous disease.  I will be highly grateful to you all over my life if you can suggest me with a better way to get my daughter cured from this disease.


   The diseases like cancer and aids are considered as the worst diseases in the world.  But if I would say that the nastiest disease is the mental illness.  Because the patient affected with the cancer disease knows well that what is happening to him and he can explain his problems to others.  But the people affected with mental illness disease know nothing about themselves and also about the happenings around them.  Your daughter is affected with such a kind of most horrible disease.  This is very much sorrowful.  But the god has a merciful to all.  He will show a better way to this problem and get you all out from this sorrows and problems.

You said that none of you could not feel the reason of the change in your daughter health.  I am unable to agree this.  A true mother can realize even a small change in her children. But a father cannot have this sense of realizing.  Try to recollect the happenings or the changes occurred in her before she became to this stage of a mental illness patient.  You can judge the reason to a certain stage.

The planets mars and kethu are placed together in your daughter’s horoscope.  The kaushika naadi astro manuscripts say that such kind of planet connections would make the horoscope holders to fall in love.  Based on these theories, it is very much clear that your daughter might have fallen in love with some anonymous man who is elder than her and she is in a stage of being unable to express this feelings to anyone.

More over, an epic named Jathaka Chinthamani declares that the effect of mental illness disease will be more to those horoscope holders having the planets Jupiter, Sun and Saturn being present together with the sixth ruler.  Unfortunately the formation of your daughter’s horoscope  is like that.

The horoscope chart decor says that this mental illness disease will get away after some time as the Jupiter and ketu are in good positions.  Based on this, it can firmly be said that your daughter’s mental illness disease will get cured.

It is clear that there are some ancestral defects in your family by analyzing your daughter’s horoscope deeply.  Hence do all the remedial deeds suitably to evade the blemishes and troubles of these defects.  Apart from this visit the Kala Bhairava temple located in the Kasi (Varanasi) City on the coming twentieth day of the February month of 2015 and tie the holy thread in your daughter’s right hand wrist brought from this temple after doing the relevant pooja by the holy priest of this temple.  With the grace of the Lord Kala Bhairava and with the effects of the medical treatments your daughter will get completely cured by the end of the November month.  Do not worry.  You may think about how the tedious disease will get cured with this holy thread which is not being cured by the treatments of professional doctors and quality medicines.  My realistic experience is that the doctors are just providing the medications and treatments.  But the disease is being cured only the grace of the god.

PS: Jupiter and ketu : Planet of Luck Jupiter is the thinking-person's planet,Ketu is the descending lunar node. 'Ketu' is said to be the body of Rahu, after the head of the asura was cut off by God Vishnu.

Amends to Promote Longevity

     As far as our India is concerned, full moon and New moon days are celebrated considering these days as holy days. For performing Magical applications and  Pithru tasks, while New moon is considered as optimal day,  and for some good tasks, for performing amends (parikarams) Full moon is good day. During full moon day which comes every month, the amends to be performed separately, and the benefits that are received are abundant. But this has remained as secret, unknown to many people.

It is good to maintain some matters are secret.  But it is not suitable for many matters. If you hide and keep it as secret, it may go in extinct, as the days go by. Therefore, I think it is my duty to bring those secrets before the eyes of public. That way, I think, in the coming full moon day, what are the amends that can be performed, can be recorded as series of recordings. Let us see Chirtai month full moon’s specialties.

A man can be rich and wealthy. He can be very strong, beautiful, and healthy. Having all these, if his life longevity is less, what is the benefit in that? Therefore life longevity is very important. For some persons, even though they are having life longevity, daily he will be having a fear of death, as to now we will dye? or that time we will dye?  Fear of death is a bad thing than death itself. Therefore to get life longevity and live without fear of death, we can perform amends (Parikaram) and fasting during Chitrai month.

We can say that there will not be any Hindus who have not heard about Satyawan, Savithri. with her Perseverance and micro brain, she made Emadharma to think about her husband and brought him back from the death castle. So, the day of her husband's life redeemed is the Chitra Purnima.  It is not the only thing special about this day.  Markkandeya, who made Lord Shiva to kick Kala Deva  and escaped from Kaladevan’s  affection web, is on this day only

On Chitra Purnima’s day, we should do fasting towards Chitragupta, i.e. the angel who calculates humans’ longevity. Definitely, we should not add salt on that day’s food.  Food taken without salt is known as fasting. If somebody thinks, on this day we can avoid alkaline type food and add sweets, it is very wrong. We should eat the daily food as usual without salt, and fed to God before consuming it.

On that day, we should pray to Chitragupta shrine in Thiruvannamalai temple, and Sri vaanjiam Chitragupta and distribute food and other donations to poor people. Very specially we should give all medical help to poor people who are suffering from cancer.  By doing like this, our longevity will increase and fear of death will diverge.

PS:  Chitragupta : A Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth.

Satyawan Savithri : 
The oldest known version of the story of Savithri and Satyawan is found in "The Book of the Forest" of the Mahabharata. The story occurs as a multiple embedded narratives in the Mahabharata as told by Markandeya.

Fold your hands and see God!

            If you take incarnation, some people know only about Mahavishnu’s 10 incarnations.  No body would have thought whether Lord Shiva has taken any incarnation, or questions are asked about that. Not only Lord Vishnu who gives lot of pleasure and gives Mukthi, Lord shiva who gives Yoga markam to human has also taken some incarnations. Two reasons can be told for devotees and people not talking much about this..  One is Lord shiva’s incarnations are not   much attractive for mind.  Secondly, his incarnations are showing very difficult ways to get Mukthi.,

Even though Lord shiva as taken many incarnations including woodcutter, Bearing sand for Pittu acting like a madman, to stop and give Mukthi to Sundarar, Dhakshinamoorthy is the very important one among these.  Through this Avatar,he has shown ways to gradually change from ordinary man from his human status   to God     That is why,  Saints adore Dhakshinaamorrthy’s incarnation as Yogamoorthy and Jegathguru.

When Bhagawan came as Dhakshinaamoorthy, he sermonted to Janagathi sages, four vedhas, finishing in line four theories called as ethics, means, pleasure and veedupaeru (mukti) which are considered as the correct grammar of the moral life.  The persons  who reached the perfect position in the World, if they want direct contact with the God, to know what to do for that, and what Algorithm they should follow, let them go today and come tomorrow. When you come tomorrow, my preaching will not be only words, but it will be an symbolic code, which you can assume and understand

Accepting Mahaguru Sri Dakshinaamoorthy bhagawan’s order, sages, next day, before sunrise took bath and wearing Shiva symbols, went for darshan of Gurunadhar. The scene they saw there was quite amazing and causing sparkling effect. Southface God was sitting on Yoga Samadhi pose.  His both hands were on the thighs facing upward. Out of five fingers, thumb finger and index finger were sticking together, and other three fingers were found to be separated, without touching each other,

Separated three fingers i.e. middle finger, ring finger and little finger represents Self-conceit (ego),  Karma, Maya. Dropping these three, they understood that index finger assumed as Jeevathma, is combined with thumb assumed as Paramatma. That is, if a man wants to reach God stage, penance is important.,  Bhagavan Dakshinaamoorthy  tells, For that Penance, Asanas and Mudhra’s are required very much .Many people know what is Asana and understand it.  Quite a few people know about Mudhras. In particulars, the identify of the Mudhras shown by Dakshinaamorrthy, are known to few only

There are number of Mudhras.  Out of that, we can tell “Chin Mudhra” is the head of Royal Mudhras. In temples we know, all the statues of deities are showing some Mudhras.  These Mudharas are not set for showing the artistic value. It contains many wonderful topics.  Our ancestors are experts in twisting Mustard and introducing sea in that.  In a small task (work) they contain so many big matters. At the same time, they have great faith, that only a man who is qualified to use his brain, only should understand the truth,  Many things will be told only presagely. Chin Mudhra is one amongst that.

Each mudhra denotes angels or God forces which are operating all the creatures in this Universe. Mudhra is the reason human for keeping in touch with God’s  world.  That is between ourselves and unseen God forces, Mudhra is the connecting point. Because of this Mudhras only, man’s prayers reaches God and the grace energy which he gives, reaches us. The benefits we receive because of this Gods energy, are not one or two but many.  If we want to tell specifically, through Chin Mudhra, the physical and psychological benefits we receive are plenty.

Some may think, by placing a finger along with another finger, what is the big benefit we are going to receive.  During initial period, I was also thinking like that only. But as the time goes by, and When we get knowledge about human maturity, I could understand whatever our ancestors have told are not wrong, and very beneficial only When I was reading a palmistry called Hastha Rekhai Sastra, certain things which were told in that gave surprise to me. But when comparing them with experience, I can see many big truths.

For example, I have read, the person who is hiding both his hands in dress, will wait like stork to take revenge of others, and person who is folding his hands backwards and walks, will have  higher commanding power.  When I experimented it, I came to know that it is not a mere reading but experienced true words. Likewise, generally if a person keeps his fingers loosely without folding, he will have confusions in his mind, and will not have pertinacity.  If you want to get mental resolution (persistence) except working hours, he should  fold and close his fingers.  If it is practiced regularly, in the long run, you will get that mental persistence.  This I had followed in my own life and got good benefits till this date.

On the basis of what our ancestors told about Mudhra matters, we should not ignore them. We should try to use them and get benefits. According to the Western scientific research, if you do CHIN MUDHRA properly, the blood circulation in our body will be active. Anger will decrease and tension will disappear. Good memory power will be created.  Insomnia, and excess sleeping will not come near us.  It is told that mental illness will also get cured.

If our country’s saints daily keep it as a routine to do CHIN MUDHRA, their mind will always be happy, Sadness will never touch us. .It is told that if mind becomes singularly focused, we can find out secret of Universe, and can get state of Unity with God.  These are not told to satisfy us, but to regulate our life.  To know whether it is true or false, we can practice and know ourselves.

When you are in house, office or even while traveling in a bus, please put your thumb and index finger edges together and see  On continuation of this practice, you can see your  mental resources growing. If you don’t want regular benefits, and want feel God’s experience, then sit in PADMASANA and practice CHIN MUDHRA and see God called Makara Jyothi will light in between your eyebrows center. 
PS: Mudhra : A Mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers
Mahavishnu, Dakshinaamorrthy : Hindu God Names

Goats (Sheeps) and Souls

Is there any special reason for giving goat’s head as symbol for Mesha  zodiac?  

The first in zodiac wheel is Mesha. In Nadi astrology, there is one aspect called time Philosophy. Based on that, even if some person is born in any Laknam considering the date of his birth, and the planets journey, Mesha (Aries) Rasi is taken as Laknam, the benefits are predicted. For example, even if a person is born on Meena (Pisces) Rasi, with Guru at tenth place, while predicting Guru’s benefits, according to Nadi horoscope time philosophy, assuming Guru in ninth place only, we should calculate.  Viz all persons general Laknam is Mesham only.

Since we don’t know horoscope Shastra what is Lakna is not known to us fully According to horoscope,  Laknam is as important, as his life is to a man. Laknam means, the zodiac at which a child is coming out showing it his head from his mother’s womb. That is why Laknam is considered as horoscope’s head.  Without head, there is no use for other parts.  Like wise, without Laknam, no  zodiac will give benefits.

When a child is given birth, the time at which it’s head is coming out is assessed as Laknam. This is why, Lakna is also called as Head. What is the necessity to give a Goat’s head as symbol for the first Rasi. But for giving goat’s head as symbol for this Rasi, there are many reasons.
In so many places in Veda, Goat is compared with human soul. In some places, goat is shown as human mind. We all know, a human life is linked with man’s soul. In Christianity also they have the practice of calling human soul as Goat. To show this only, Christ is depicted with a sheep.

For a man to be good human being, his soul must be good.   . If a man's life must be in the highest state his soul must be in great shape. Here soul denotes natural   character and mind denotes the instinct created by environment. The philosophy of human life is talked about, under the symbol of the goat.

Very knowledgeable persons tell God is filled with sound and vision. He is also considered as Nadha Vindhu.  i.e. the entire Universe created from the OHM Pranavam.  As per Hindu Religious Science the OHM sound is the form of God As far as we know, amongst the creatures, Goat is the only one which has sound as OHM. i.e Goat’s May sound is seen as OHM

 In practice, children are called as Kutties.  In Malayalam language, Kutti means children only. Children are considered as generation which taken human society to next phase.  Goats are called as Kutties. Like how children are developing society, Mesha Rasi which has Goat head as symbol, is developing the power of subsequent Zodiacs.  Keeping this in mind only, respected elders have kept Goat head as first zodiac sign.

PS: Lagnam (Lakna) : In astrological predictions Lagnam or lagan or ascendant is a very important calculation. In English the meaning of ascendant is Rising or Growing. Lagnam literally represents your soul in astrology. 

Nadi Astrology : A form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time

Horoscope that acheives in Love

        Dear Sir, Greetings to you.  It is a big mistake to raise questions like this with a great man. However, since my situation is very bad, I don’t have any option except to ask this question.  Please forgive me for my mistake and request you humbly to show a good way.

By birth I am a Brahmin, and since two years I am in love with a low class caste girl. She is a good girl with great character and quality.  Even though she is not highly educated, she has got a very sharp brain and this has only attracted me towards her.

As I am 30 years old, with a good job, Parents started looking bride for me.  I am at a loss, as to how to start the matter of my love with them. My father is a very strict person with Madi and Aacharams.  To accept my love, there are many obstacles/barriers for him.  Even if my Mother will not tell anything, she does not have the courage to oppose my Father. Because of this, I have very little confidence, about getting married with my Parents acceptance.

Some friends advised, “All persons (lovers) who get married crossing the caste barrier, and against the wishes of their parents, have not led a good life.  Don’t take risk and ruin your life” Some people show the real facts of life.

However, I mind is not ready to abandon her, who has got belief in me. I had decided to live together, somehow. But I am an ordinary person. I am confused and fearing whether my decision is right or not. Thus hesitating to act

Sir, according to my vision, you are person who knows everything.  Now without hiding you advise me, as to what decision I should take, whether to abandon my lover or boycott my parent, which is better. Whatever you say, I will take it as God’s words.


           Your Father has great belief in Shastras and rituals which are followed years together.  One day morning, all of a sudden, if you go and tell him “All your beliefs are baseless.  Immediately you should drop all these” definitely he will not be able to accept it.

Even though we talk in a stage that “Tamil society has grown up caste and creed differences have disappeared,” we know that surely this is not true. In office, neighbor relationships, giving and taking loan we can see caste factor is there.  If you deny it, it is like closing your eyes, and telling I am blind.  Only in villages caste is there, but no in cities is a civilized lie. We see empirically, In India’s every nook and corner still caste is there with affluence. If it all, we can say it is with reduced vigor.

Therefore, expecting that your Parents will accept this inter caste marriage is waste of time.  Fortunately, if that is the case, thanks to God.  Likewise, I can’t fully accept your friend’s version of people who got married by inter caste marriage will suffer in their life. As far I know, I have seen directly, so many love marriage couples living happily

Moreover, in your horoscope, Kedu is in the second place to Mercury. Generally, according to Kousika nadi (Pulse) if Kethu is in first, second, fifth, ninth place to Mercury, they will fall in love. It is told, if either guru or Venus sees Kethu which is in the above said position, definitely love marriage will happen. In your horoscope Guru sees Kethu.  Therefore only love marriage will happen to you. That too, we can surely say, will continue life long

Further, when we see the horoscope prediction of the girl you love, except that she will also gain her Parent’s opposition and get married, we can not tell any deficiency, other than this. She is very great in character, prosperity, children’s birth, long life, good wife character.

If only I am your father, I will penance before their house, and get that girl married to you.  Fix the marriage date bravely. Start your life, even if you face thousands of opposition.  By God’s grace, all the separated relations will come to you.  My blessing will be always with you. Lord Narayana will do well.  

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