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Amends to Promote Longevity

     As far as our India is concerned, full moon and New moon days are celebrated considering these days as holy days. For performing Magical applications and  Pithru tasks, while New moon is considered as optimal day,  and for some good tasks, for performing amends (parikarams) Full moon is good day. During full moon day which comes every month, the amends to be performed separately, and the benefits that are received are abundant. But this has remained as secret, unknown to many people.

It is good to maintain some matters are secret.  But it is not suitable for many matters. If you hide and keep it as secret, it may go in extinct, as the days go by. Therefore, I think it is my duty to bring those secrets before the eyes of public. That way, I think, in the coming full moon day, what are the amends that can be performed, can be recorded as series of recordings. Let us see Chirtai month full moon’s specialties.

A man can be rich and wealthy. He can be very strong, beautiful, and healthy. Having all these, if his life longevity is less, what is the benefit in that? Therefore life longevity is very important. For some persons, even though they are having life longevity, daily he will be having a fear of death, as to now we will dye? or that time we will dye?  Fear of death is a bad thing than death itself. Therefore to get life longevity and live without fear of death, we can perform amends (Parikaram) and fasting during Chitrai month.

We can say that there will not be any Hindus who have not heard about Satyawan, Savithri. with her Perseverance and micro brain, she made Emadharma to think about her husband and brought him back from the death castle. So, the day of her husband's life redeemed is the Chitra Purnima.  It is not the only thing special about this day.  Markkandeya, who made Lord Shiva to kick Kala Deva  and escaped from Kaladevan’s  affection web, is on this day only

On Chitra Purnima’s day, we should do fasting towards Chitragupta, i.e. the angel who calculates humans’ longevity. Definitely, we should not add salt on that day’s food.  Food taken without salt is known as fasting. If somebody thinks, on this day we can avoid alkaline type food and add sweets, it is very wrong. We should eat the daily food as usual without salt, and fed to God before consuming it.

On that day, we should pray to Chitragupta shrine in Thiruvannamalai temple, and Sri vaanjiam Chitragupta and distribute food and other donations to poor people. Very specially we should give all medical help to poor people who are suffering from cancer.  By doing like this, our longevity will increase and fear of death will diverge.

PS:  Chitragupta : A Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth.

Satyawan Savithri : 
The oldest known version of the story of Savithri and Satyawan is found in "The Book of the Forest" of the Mahabharata. The story occurs as a multiple embedded narratives in the Mahabharata as told by Markandeya.

Fold your hands and see God!

            If you take incarnation, some people know only about Mahavishnu’s 10 incarnations.  No body would have thought whether Lord Shiva has taken any incarnation, or questions are asked about that. Not only Lord Vishnu who gives lot of pleasure and gives Mukthi, Lord shiva who gives Yoga markam to human has also taken some incarnations. Two reasons can be told for devotees and people not talking much about this..  One is Lord shiva’s incarnations are not   much attractive for mind.  Secondly, his incarnations are showing very difficult ways to get Mukthi.,

Even though Lord shiva as taken many incarnations including woodcutter, Bearing sand for Pittu acting like a madman, to stop and give Mukthi to Sundarar, Dhakshinamoorthy is the very important one among these.  Through this Avatar,he has shown ways to gradually change from ordinary man from his human status   to God     That is why,  Saints adore Dhakshinaamorrthy’s incarnation as Yogamoorthy and Jegathguru.

When Bhagawan came as Dhakshinaamoorthy, he sermonted to Janagathi sages, four vedhas, finishing in line four theories called as ethics, means, pleasure and veedupaeru (mukti) which are considered as the correct grammar of the moral life.  The persons  who reached the perfect position in the World, if they want direct contact with the God, to know what to do for that, and what Algorithm they should follow, let them go today and come tomorrow. When you come tomorrow, my preaching will not be only words, but it will be an symbolic code, which you can assume and understand

Accepting Mahaguru Sri Dakshinaamoorthy bhagawan’s order, sages, next day, before sunrise took bath and wearing Shiva symbols, went for darshan of Gurunadhar. The scene they saw there was quite amazing and causing sparkling effect. Southface God was sitting on Yoga Samadhi pose.  His both hands were on the thighs facing upward. Out of five fingers, thumb finger and index finger were sticking together, and other three fingers were found to be separated, without touching each other,

Separated three fingers i.e. middle finger, ring finger and little finger represents Self-conceit (ego),  Karma, Maya. Dropping these three, they understood that index finger assumed as Jeevathma, is combined with thumb assumed as Paramatma. That is, if a man wants to reach God stage, penance is important.,  Bhagavan Dakshinaamoorthy  tells, For that Penance, Asanas and Mudhra’s are required very much .Many people know what is Asana and understand it.  Quite a few people know about Mudhras. In particulars, the identify of the Mudhras shown by Dakshinaamorrthy, are known to few only

There are number of Mudhras.  Out of that, we can tell “Chin Mudhra” is the head of Royal Mudhras. In temples we know, all the statues of deities are showing some Mudhras.  These Mudharas are not set for showing the artistic value. It contains many wonderful topics.  Our ancestors are experts in twisting Mustard and introducing sea in that.  In a small task (work) they contain so many big matters. At the same time, they have great faith, that only a man who is qualified to use his brain, only should understand the truth,  Many things will be told only presagely. Chin Mudhra is one amongst that.

Each mudhra denotes angels or God forces which are operating all the creatures in this Universe. Mudhra is the reason human for keeping in touch with God’s  world.  That is between ourselves and unseen God forces, Mudhra is the connecting point. Because of this Mudhras only, man’s prayers reaches God and the grace energy which he gives, reaches us. The benefits we receive because of this Gods energy, are not one or two but many.  If we want to tell specifically, through Chin Mudhra, the physical and psychological benefits we receive are plenty.

Some may think, by placing a finger along with another finger, what is the big benefit we are going to receive.  During initial period, I was also thinking like that only. But as the time goes by, and When we get knowledge about human maturity, I could understand whatever our ancestors have told are not wrong, and very beneficial only When I was reading a palmistry called Hastha Rekhai Sastra, certain things which were told in that gave surprise to me. But when comparing them with experience, I can see many big truths.

For example, I have read, the person who is hiding both his hands in dress, will wait like stork to take revenge of others, and person who is folding his hands backwards and walks, will have  higher commanding power.  When I experimented it, I came to know that it is not a mere reading but experienced true words. Likewise, generally if a person keeps his fingers loosely without folding, he will have confusions in his mind, and will not have pertinacity.  If you want to get mental resolution (persistence) except working hours, he should  fold and close his fingers.  If it is practiced regularly, in the long run, you will get that mental persistence.  This I had followed in my own life and got good benefits till this date.

On the basis of what our ancestors told about Mudhra matters, we should not ignore them. We should try to use them and get benefits. According to the Western scientific research, if you do CHIN MUDHRA properly, the blood circulation in our body will be active. Anger will decrease and tension will disappear. Good memory power will be created.  Insomnia, and excess sleeping will not come near us.  It is told that mental illness will also get cured.

If our country’s saints daily keep it as a routine to do CHIN MUDHRA, their mind will always be happy, Sadness will never touch us. .It is told that if mind becomes singularly focused, we can find out secret of Universe, and can get state of Unity with God.  These are not told to satisfy us, but to regulate our life.  To know whether it is true or false, we can practice and know ourselves.

When you are in house, office or even while traveling in a bus, please put your thumb and index finger edges together and see  On continuation of this practice, you can see your  mental resources growing. If you don’t want regular benefits, and want feel God’s experience, then sit in PADMASANA and practice CHIN MUDHRA and see God called Makara Jyothi will light in between your eyebrows center. 
PS: Mudhra : A Mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers
Mahavishnu, Dakshinaamorrthy : Hindu God Names

Goats (Sheeps) and Souls

Is there any special reason for giving goat’s head as symbol for Mesha  zodiac?  

The first in zodiac wheel is Mesha. In Nadi astrology, there is one aspect called time Philosophy. Based on that, even if some person is born in any Laknam considering the date of his birth, and the planets journey, Mesha (Aries) Rasi is taken as Laknam, the benefits are predicted. For example, even if a person is born on Meena (Pisces) Rasi, with Guru at tenth place, while predicting Guru’s benefits, according to Nadi horoscope time philosophy, assuming Guru in ninth place only, we should calculate.  Viz all persons general Laknam is Mesham only.

Since we don’t know horoscope Shastra what is Lakna is not known to us fully According to horoscope,  Laknam is as important, as his life is to a man. Laknam means, the zodiac at which a child is coming out showing it his head from his mother’s womb. That is why Laknam is considered as horoscope’s head.  Without head, there is no use for other parts.  Like wise, without Laknam, no  zodiac will give benefits.

When a child is given birth, the time at which it’s head is coming out is assessed as Laknam. This is why, Lakna is also called as Head. What is the necessity to give a Goat’s head as symbol for the first Rasi. But for giving goat’s head as symbol for this Rasi, there are many reasons.
In so many places in Veda, Goat is compared with human soul. In some places, goat is shown as human mind. We all know, a human life is linked with man’s soul. In Christianity also they have the practice of calling human soul as Goat. To show this only, Christ is depicted with a sheep.

For a man to be good human being, his soul must be good.   . If a man's life must be in the highest state his soul must be in great shape. Here soul denotes natural   character and mind denotes the instinct created by environment. The philosophy of human life is talked about, under the symbol of the goat.

Very knowledgeable persons tell God is filled with sound and vision. He is also considered as Nadha Vindhu.  i.e. the entire Universe created from the OHM Pranavam.  As per Hindu Religious Science the OHM sound is the form of God As far as we know, amongst the creatures, Goat is the only one which has sound as OHM. i.e Goat’s May sound is seen as OHM

 In practice, children are called as Kutties.  In Malayalam language, Kutti means children only. Children are considered as generation which taken human society to next phase.  Goats are called as Kutties. Like how children are developing society, Mesha Rasi which has Goat head as symbol, is developing the power of subsequent Zodiacs.  Keeping this in mind only, respected elders have kept Goat head as first zodiac sign.

PS: Lagnam (Lakna) : In astrological predictions Lagnam or lagan or ascendant is a very important calculation. In English the meaning of ascendant is Rising or Growing. Lagnam literally represents your soul in astrology. 

Nadi Astrology : A form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time

Horoscope that acheives in Love

        Dear Sir, Greetings to you.  It is a big mistake to raise questions like this with a great man. However, since my situation is very bad, I don’t have any option except to ask this question.  Please forgive me for my mistake and request you humbly to show a good way.

By birth I am a Brahmin, and since two years I am in love with a low class caste girl. She is a good girl with great character and quality.  Even though she is not highly educated, she has got a very sharp brain and this has only attracted me towards her.

As I am 30 years old, with a good job, Parents started looking bride for me.  I am at a loss, as to how to start the matter of my love with them. My father is a very strict person with Madi and Aacharams.  To accept my love, there are many obstacles/barriers for him.  Even if my Mother will not tell anything, she does not have the courage to oppose my Father. Because of this, I have very little confidence, about getting married with my Parents acceptance.

Some friends advised, “All persons (lovers) who get married crossing the caste barrier, and against the wishes of their parents, have not led a good life.  Don’t take risk and ruin your life” Some people show the real facts of life.

However, I mind is not ready to abandon her, who has got belief in me. I had decided to live together, somehow. But I am an ordinary person. I am confused and fearing whether my decision is right or not. Thus hesitating to act

Sir, according to my vision, you are person who knows everything.  Now without hiding you advise me, as to what decision I should take, whether to abandon my lover or boycott my parent, which is better. Whatever you say, I will take it as God’s words.


           Your Father has great belief in Shastras and rituals which are followed years together.  One day morning, all of a sudden, if you go and tell him “All your beliefs are baseless.  Immediately you should drop all these” definitely he will not be able to accept it.

Even though we talk in a stage that “Tamil society has grown up caste and creed differences have disappeared,” we know that surely this is not true. In office, neighbor relationships, giving and taking loan we can see caste factor is there.  If you deny it, it is like closing your eyes, and telling I am blind.  Only in villages caste is there, but no in cities is a civilized lie. We see empirically, In India’s every nook and corner still caste is there with affluence. If it all, we can say it is with reduced vigor.

Therefore, expecting that your Parents will accept this inter caste marriage is waste of time.  Fortunately, if that is the case, thanks to God.  Likewise, I can’t fully accept your friend’s version of people who got married by inter caste marriage will suffer in their life. As far I know, I have seen directly, so many love marriage couples living happily

Moreover, in your horoscope, Kedu is in the second place to Mercury. Generally, according to Kousika nadi (Pulse) if Kethu is in first, second, fifth, ninth place to Mercury, they will fall in love. It is told, if either guru or Venus sees Kethu which is in the above said position, definitely love marriage will happen. In your horoscope Guru sees Kethu.  Therefore only love marriage will happen to you. That too, we can surely say, will continue life long

Further, when we see the horoscope prediction of the girl you love, except that she will also gain her Parent’s opposition and get married, we can not tell any deficiency, other than this. She is very great in character, prosperity, children’s birth, long life, good wife character.

If only I am your father, I will penance before their house, and get that girl married to you.  Fix the marriage date bravely. Start your life, even if you face thousands of opposition.  By God’s grace, all the separated relations will come to you.  My blessing will be always with you. Lord Narayana will do well.  

Marriage happened because of Guruji’s answer

      Hello to all readers of Yogi Sri Ramananda Guru website. All of you know that our Guruji answers to readers questions in astrological terms. On 28.11.2013, I have also, informing that I belong to Brahmin caste and I am in love with a woman of the lower class, asked him a question whether to marry that girl or not?  For that, Rev.Guruji answered very clearly, ambiguously, elaborately practical way.
His response cleared my mind, which was disturbed like a farm pond.   Born from a family, which is having a background of a belief that “Loving is an evil deed that too loving an other caste girl is very evil”, I don’t know whether it is fate or God’s play, I had fallen in love with a girl

First when I fell in love, I don’t know to which caste that girl belongs, and what is her family background. She was also working in the same office, where I was working. When I first saw here, some unknown chill/thrill came to me.  When that thrill started rooting and spread its branches, I then realized that was love. I expressed the love to here.  She also accepted that love, realizing within her also there is chemical change.

After that only, the other things which will obstruct our marriage came to our eyes. We consulted many friends, whether of us getting married, is right or wrong and whether it will be practical to the present.

Some people told her that in Brahmin community they will be looking at Acharam, this, that and will be performing rituals every hour and fasting every day.  You can’t neither understand that, nor participate in that with full mind. Therefore, both of you think over well, before deciding about marriage.

To me they advised “You had never touched non-vegetarian.  Even onion, garlic is also not suitable for your Achaarams.  But this girl will not eat her food, without dried fish, and fish. Both Tiger and Deer can’t eat the same food.  Therefore, before starting your family life, think over many times.

Some others advised that both of you can marry.  But after marriage, all your relations will boycott you.  You can’t participate both in good and bad occasions casually.  Even though you lead and move your life with difficulty, this intermarriage will raise question on the lives of your children born to you.  Therefore, avoiding this marriage which is not acceptable to practical life is better.

I have heard that people who consume alcohol and who use chorus will become unconscious. But truly, I have also became unconscious in this matter by seeking advises from many people, and became walking like a lifeless person

 In this condition only, Yogi Sri.Ramananda Guru, without any mental agitation, showed a clear path to me.  I have become a person with 1000 elephant’s strength. Even if much opposition comes, or testing befalls comes also, I had firmly decided to marry the girl who has believed me.

In this condition, to bring my love matter to my family’s attention, I found out a trick.  Taken out a print of the answer, given by Guruji to my question, and showed it to my father.  First he was terribly shaken.  Then after becoming calm, he said, “I want to see the Guruji, who has given this answer” I could not control my happiness.  Some how to get an appointment to meet Guruji, I tried his telephone number many times, but could not talk to him.

Fortunately, one day evening, I got a chance to talk to Guruji. Without breathing I poured all the matters to him, and pleaded him to give a chance to meet him.

He replied saying “During last Sunday of December, I will be coming to Sripuram Vedha padasala situated in Andhanallur, Trichy, Please bring your Parent there, and we can talk”.  I felt like a fruit falling in milk. If the God, whom I was searching for, is coming before me, who will be more fortunate than myself.

On the day mentioned by Guruji, I met him with my Parents. Guruji told so many things/matters to my father. Listening all these silently, my father replied” if Guruji’s wish is this, I will consider it as Lord Shiva’s decision. Let everything happen as per the path shown by him. I am not obstructing”

For one minute, I felt like the entire World is making a circle around me.  Without knowing how to express my happiness, I cried.  Thanking God’s mercy, except crying, I can’t do anything.

With God’s will and Guruji’s blessing, to marry the girl whom I love, day is fixed during Thai. I don’t want to confine this joy, only to myself, and wish to share this with all the readers. Very shortly, I will inform my marriage date to you all.  I request all the website readers to bless us.
Somanathan, Trichy

I pray to God for the wedding of reader Somathan to take place in good manner.


Man lying unconscious

       After creating the entire Universe, GOD created human. As human creation is the last one, he has given special attention to that.  Because of that only, all the human are more or less like GOD.  Only one power which God has is not available with human. To float in the water he invented Boat.  To see the excavated earth image, he found out mines. Thinking what he has achieved in earth is enough, he started measuring Celestial zone.  By tramping on the moon and touching Mars. The only one power human has not got is creating new lives.  He finds a way for creating of new life, he will then become God.  Will it happen?  Is it possible to happen?  Since long, all these arguments are taking place.  This is not required by us.  What we should know and feel is, being human is not an ordinary creation, and we are almost equal to God.

Fox is tricky than man. The tiger and the lion are more heroic and courageous than man.  Even innocent deer runs faster than human.   Before an Elephant’s strength, human is only a small straw.  All these animals which have more qualifications than the strength of human can’t make him slave under them, the reason being they don’t have the brain strength which human possess.  Using this brain power, human can make surrender anything which has got more strength/power.   How is the human who is a strange creation? We should think over this.
Wild life animals, even in a season, rain is not coming, and there is no water to drink or food to eat, they do not grieve for that.   Even if they see death in front their eyes also, they don’t fear.  But man is not like that.  If continuously famine comes for 10 years also, they are able to save food according to the period.   Even if serious disease   or aggressive natural disaster comes also, using his knowledge /brain, as far as possible, he can escape from that.  But he is not happy like those animals.  Why is it?

Once, Christ told to his disciples, “See those birds flying in the sky. They don’t seed or cut anything.  But they are flying happily. What is the meaning for this?  Even those birds, which don’t save anything for tomorrow to lead their life, are flying happily. But having everything why you are struggling in the dark forest. The original reason for creating man as man is, he should live happily without any sadness/suffering.  But man by using his excessive brain, losing his joy, is crying sitting in a corner.

Really what every man expects? He expects, he object of his creation, his life’s natural happiness. But poor man, he doesn’t know, what gives eternal happiness always, and like water bubble which gives unstable happiness.  One thinking if mountain like money is there, he can get happiness, he works hard and saves money, and thinking O! I had saved/earned so much of money and jumps out of joy. 

But that joyous mood and jumps lasts there for one second only.  The next second he is afraid with a fear that somebody may grab that money.  Because of this sadness comes. Then deciding only empowered post will save this money, he walks to achieve that. After getting that also, thinking some other persons who are having wishes like him to get the power, may grab this, he is spending sleepless nights.  Because of that also there is sadness.  Along with money and power, enemies who are jealous about this have also increased.  To escape from them, he thinks to keep his kith and kin near him. Each person has different desires, and unable to fulfill them again he is struggling and because of this sadness comes.

 Titles, power, money, relations, the status, all these things are not permanent, but man thinks all these are only permanent.  What is the reason for that?  He thinks that things which are controllable by him like pleasure only of witnessing, by eyes pleasure only of listening through ears, the pleasure of consuming, taste, the pleasure, on sense are only real happiness. Because of this thinking only man who is supposed to be happy in his life, is feeling sadness.  Not only visually seen are permanent, but things are not visible to the eyes are also permanent.  Love, compassion, abundance, satisfaction, peace all these can’t be touched by hands and felt, but, they can be felt through our senses and feelings.

A person is coming before us by walk and he is having something in his hand, but we don’t know what it is.  We are waiting to see what he is having in his hand, once he comes near us.  He also comes near us, but seeing us he hides the thing he is having in his hands. But both, when he came near us, or when he is coming from the distance, we don’t know what he is having.  Because of this, we are very eager to know what it is.   The eagerness grows so fast and finally it changes into sadness. Like this, searching what is that which gives permanent pleasure to us we are suffering. Most of us spend our lifetime like this, searching for the pleasure.

How many people’s life, disappears without a trace, like an ash mixed in the air, without any meaning to their life. Because of this, they are unable to have the benefits of their birth. One, who understands crystal clearly about why he has born, becomes the Champion. In the history book, gets a permanent place. In fact, we all have born to achieve. For this only, God created us. But without realizing/knowing that, we born and die again and again. Who are we? What we need to get?  Starting from today, let us explore what is permanent and eternal happiness. If we try little bit sincerely, God will open many secret doors for us. Come, Let us go through that entrance/door and try to understand life philosophy.

How to do inheritance...?

       If a man dies, he requires six-foot land.  But when he is alive, even for a single inch land also, he is struggling throughout his life.  This fight is not only with other humans but he is ready to fight his own blood relations also. Mahabharata is a long story of such a struggle and we all know this fact.

Mahabharata relationship fight has not ended with Kurushetra battlefield part of the story.  In our period also, we see elder and younger brothers fighting for land. My maternal grandfather had four brothers. Not even one brother among themselves, had unity, from the days of my mother’s knowledge. Just for One Acre land they fought till their death, and died as enemies. Like this, so many families’ old and new stories are, still happening,

The number of pending cases in the courts today is mostly related to land only. Daily we are seeing so many younger and elder brothers fighting against each other, saying “That land is a good land and in an unfair way my elder brother grabbed that land. Somehow please get back that land to me”

If elders say, O God! Why are you dieing fighting against each other.  Please follow the give an take policy, people who are greedy about land does not listen to it,  For the case filed by his grandfather, we see grandson doing strict penance at the court gate, and they don’t have time even to think “: Are we going to take this land during death” Knowing very well, man's desires are dangerous, and If we allow them to work freely, we have to face disastrous effects, to divide properties, our forefathers, definitely,  have adopted some fair ways.  Until the time, those fair ways are in practice, land disputes never crossed the village borders for settlement.
Out of the brothers, for the first (elder) brother, last part of the land and for the last son, first part of land is given as their share, and this practice was followed those days.  There is a reason for giving last part to the eldest son. In anything, the part which is base will be strong.   The eldest should be the foundation i.e. base, and hold everything together is the inner meaning for this.

Olden day’s brothers accepted this interpretation.  They had realized the duty of being the head of the family who should lead the way for other brothers. Younger one also obeyed to eldest.  Therefore, cities and World were peaceful.  Communism was followed as a legal one.
But as the days rolled by and human’s brain started growing, desires also started growing.  A situation had come, for strongest person only good share, and for the person who does not possess strength, only alms vessel is his share. Ethics flew in the air, conscience green fields have been drained of, competition and fighting has become society’s routine activity. Joint family’s house tops have flown off because of the selfishness storm.  High courts entrance gate has become permanent residing place for relations.
For all matters relating to land and soil Vastu Shastra, which tells the implementation of the guidelines, ir is really surprising for telling ways and means for brothers not to fight and die for the cause of property partition, and   not stand before the Panchayat with folded hands. The reason is, if human frames some law and tells good things, people will ask why should I do this. If we say it by the name of Shastra, they will shut their mouth and follow that.  Realizing this, our elders have shown good ways fes and blind people like us. 

If there is a House, and brothers wish to share among them, we should give west side to eldest and East side to younger, tells the Shastra. This will apply if there are only two people. If more brothers are there, the property should be shared as per Shastra, for eldest Southwest, next brother Northwest, third brother Southeast and fourth brother Northeast. Likewise, if shares are to be divided among brothers and sisters, according to Shastra for brothers in the South and West side, and for sisters in the East and North side shares are to be taken.  In a single (same) family more than four successors are their for sharing the property, except for four persons others should take only money as their shares and not the place, as per the Shastra.
This is not only the case.  If brothers happen to live in the same road, according to Shastra, they can construct house, side by side and not opposite to each other. No one can say that the shares computed in accordance with the distribution of Shasta have gone stale. We can see that, without respecting Shasta and acting ignoring that, is only facing lot of difficulties.

People who say we will not listen to whatever Court says or Panchayat people shouting like bears, if they think and act in a relaxed way,   believing Vastu Shasta, as God’s judgment, not only fighting’s, in life without facing any difficulties will live happily and this is very sure.

Two ways for the progress

     Dear Guruji, I have completed eighteen years.  I want to grow in life.  I shall not strive hard to live while others also shall not feel hard due to me.  Kindly advise me a suitable way for this.
                                                                                                              Kamalesh, Erode.

      Having your young age in mind, I am telling you a practical statement without even thinking or talking about advises theories, etc. Listen to me.  There are only two ways do grow in life.  These are present from the age of your grandfather till today.  Either we have to work hard and get developed or we shall have to make others work hard for us.  If you don’t follow both of these ways it is very much difficult for you to get settled in life.


Can We live even after death?

holy ghost
                We have been using the beautiful word ‘living for ever’ frequently considering that this is has a static nature and thinking that will never get spoiled in any situation.  We also relate this word with death by telling that he has becoming living forever.  Is it right to use this word with a static meaning to spot the transient life of the human’s end.

We can understand the real meaning of this word, if we see this word in the philosophical view instead of examining this word in grammatical view.

We can feel that the life is a treasure of experiences in few circumstances and appears like a sharp knife in other situations if we see the life having these points in mind such as; what is human life?  Is there anything like life in real?  If yes then is it having various concepts within it or it has only one philosophy, etc.  The life is in the position transforming to unstable condition at any time.  Then, we feel to fear that the death alone will be a stable thing in the end of life.

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The Indian philosophy jumps to another branch from one and also compares with each other.  But the western philosophy compares this to a broken pot.  We can understand about the real meaning of the word ‘living for ever’ if we know whether the death is a jumping or it is the final decision of life.

It may be a natural thing to understand about the death.   But it is a difficult thing to realize it.  If it is like this, if death is occurring to a person then according to us that soul is getting hidden from our senses and from the world’s movements. The person named Rama who was moving with our body and feelings has become just a concept material today after his death.  That’s all.  But we don’t know that about the matters such as Rama himself knows about his ending or he has felt about concept of the next chapter of his ended life.  Because no one has the experience of the death.

If we have to get the experience of the death being alive in this world, we will have to follow some methods without any regulations and with complete faith.  Why am I telling to follow this with complete faith is that the intellect of the mind may not help in many aspects. There will not be any poor community if success can be attained in everything by using the intellect of the mind.  The experience also helps us in everything.  But the intellect of mind is also required in few topics along with the experience and the faith.

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Even though we cannot understand about the death completely, we can understand at least a stage of that if we try our best to understand about the death using our strength of all the three aspects such as the intellect of the mind, the experience, the faith.

We don’t know what is happening around us and within us while we are in deep sleep.  Let us see this in another angle also.  We will not know about any events happen around us until we get cleared from the unconsciousness.  Likewise many situations may occur raising our doubt that if the death experience also may be like this.

In this sequence, we have to observe a very important matter and have that in mind.  Death will happen to living people only.  Hence it is a matter related to life.  Therefore we can come to a conclusion about the end of our life by understanding about the perpetuity and the revelation of the life and then think about the death.

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How do we judge immediately that a living being is alive?  We are able to know about the status of life on the basis of the movement & temperature of the body.  If it is like this then we can tell about the grammar of the life based on the movement philosophy.  Generally we can understand the differentiation with the shape and operation of the living beings like animals, human, etc.  The shape and appearance of these will not have any kind of change for few hours of the death.  Since there is no difference between the dead body and the living being, can we consider that the body has further life?

Among the species of mammals, birds and animals like the cow's body heat in the cold and we think that if they die. This will ensure the death of aquatic animals to the cooling system unworkable.

We consider that they have dead by touching the birds, animals of the mammal community like human being, cow, etc. and feeling that the body heat has become cold.  Such kind of confirmation of the death by analyzing the body heat will not be useful for the animals, mammals living in water.  The reason is that their body temperature will permanently be cool.  Their death can be decided by their immovable condition.  Such kind of immovable condition will be suitable to the animals living in water but not for the trees and other plants. We can know about the end of life of the plants by the growing form of the plants.
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The varieties of judgment of the death like the movement, growth, heat, etc. are the uneven motion of the cells.  All the above are the physical search activities about the external nature of the body.  We can know more about the life motion by inspecting the internal structure of the body rather than analyzing the external nature of the body.

There is a common aspect for all the living beings.  That is the chemical changes processed inside that living being forever.  There are various types of distinctive and wonderful similarities within the chemical changes of the living beings which has no connection between each other.

The science is telling that the birth of a living being or evolution of life is to develop into a new substance or living being from some supplement ingredients getting mixed from a specific antibody.
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One of the philosophical part of our Vedas,  is also conveys this.  That is the color of the betel leaf is green, the color of the lime is white, the color of the areca nut is brown.  There will not be red color in all these three objects.  When all these three are mixed in a specific extent then it becomes to red color.  Likewise the so called life developed within the living planet called earth.

The Vedas and the science say that there is a general nature within all the living bodies.  We have to deeply scrutiny this.  We can come to an absolute conclusion in the subject of our stages of being alive by deeply scrutinizing this.

For example we use the wood of the trees as the burning material.  There are no parts similar to the wood within our body or outside our body.  But the chemical named glycogen which is present in the tree is present in the human body also.  There is no major difference between the glycogen present in the tree and in the human body.  Moreover there are major congruities between the chemical changes occurring in various parts of the tree like root, bole leaves, etc. and the chemical changes occur in the human body.
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The roots of the tree will also require the vital air like the requirement for the human beings. The requirement of the vital air inhaled by the trees in every minute has been proved by scientific instruments.  The process of the food burnt and converted to effective material within our body will also happen to all the plant varieties also.  The sugar will not burn by itself.  But when it is burnt together with the vital air or the oxygen it becomes like a burnable material.  To burn like that a kind of liquid called enzyme is required.  The complete vital air required for our body shall get added to a type of enzyme along with iron factor.  The protein required for the function of the body i.e., the activity of the body will be available during such kind of a mixing process.

The reason is that the liquid named enzyme is used for creating the changes of various types happening in all the body parts of the living beings from five senses to the six senses, plants, etc. and to convert the food particles to an effective substance required for the body.  Both the process of conversion of the sugar as a powder in the potato and the sugar in our body becoming as glycogen, are the same.  The materials produced in the end will differ due to these changes.  The same type of chemical changes can be declared as the identification of various living beings.
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The animals eat food materials.  The plants create their food materials themselves.  Even though both these processes seem to be different new changes have been happening by breaking and creating these materials newly within both of them.

The science says that the vitality is the chemical which is the root cause for the chemical changes reason for happening like that.  If this chemical stops its work or loses its power then the death will occur and then this chemical will not hold any other object and its function will also stop.  That means it will not make it alive.  The vitality within a body will get damaged along with the body immediately after the ruining of the body.   That’s all.  It will not have any further work.  The science declares that the re birth and the life in the other world are just imaginations and fabrications only.

We have to clearly understand about the conditions and the position of the science before believing the statement of the science about the destruction of the vitality along with the body.  The science will take into consideration only about the topics which can be seen with the eyes and felt with the sanity.  The scientists will keep aside of all the topics which is beyond the senses of the human mind.  Is this a right method?  Can we come to a conclusion of all the matters based on the senses of the human mind?

We have to come to a conclusion about the correctness of the topic ‘proving by senses’ taken by the science before examining about the correctness of the statement declared by the science about the vitality of the living beings.  The reason is that the result of the inspection shall be the same irrespective of the inspection by any number of persons for any number of times.  The end results shall not be considered as final conclusion if they vary in every inspection.
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To attain a believable end result the research instruments of the examiner shall be of standard quality without any distinction in quality.  The complete truth can be declared only if this regulation is followed.  We have to properly take decision about the conclusion of the senses is believable or unchanging while researching about the vitality of the living being and about the research of delicate matters, with the support of the sensory organs.

The person who is researching upon such kind of matter or any other kind of matter is bound to be a human being of his time line and various other natural situations.  If he is not bound to anything and a person having an independent nature of declaring the results, the nature of the results can be amended or hidden by the administrative Government if the end results are distinctive from the political and economical happenings of the country.  Nobody can forget various happenings occurred in the history of scientific research.

For example all the people who know the history of the world politics, that the scientists of the old Soviet Union have not declared the end results in public which was hidden to the world, the scientists of Germany have declared apprehensive comments about the principles of the Nazies.
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While the status of the researchers and the research is like this, let us now see the status of the senses which are depended for the research.

Many judgments have been given in the court based on the eye witness as the very important witness.  Generally, nobody will object if anyone says that they have seen with their eyes.  The physical witness seen by the eyes is given so much of importance. But we can identify various crimes and conflicts if we deeply inspect the physical view having the questions in mind that whether giving the judgment with the eye witness as the important witness is right? Is the scene shown by the eyes is true?

Let us think that we are travelling in a train. We will feel that all the natural sceneries are moving back if we focus on the external appearance while we see from the window. We can say that this seems like that because we are moving forward. If we see ourself in the mirror while we comb our hair and while we eat our food, we can notice that all the actions done by us are done by the left hand while we do them by the right hand. Likewise, we can list out such kind of scenes with various examples.

Let us now take the tasting sense for discussion. It is believed that the tasting nerves are in the tongue. But we can see that a person eating an apple even if his eyes are bound with a cloth is able to realize and tell that he has eaten an apple. Likewise, various changes and conflicts can be felt in the feeling or sense of touching. Hence we can clearly understand that all the sensing components of the body are not in a position to function properly and faithful to our sensing mind.

Moreover the physical literature declares clearly that the sensing ability of the eyes to see and the ears to listen is not fixed in a separate component but the main power is in the control of the brain. Therefore it is clear that the belief of the senses is in the control and in the method of the brain’s operation. The brain researchers say that the operation of the brain is based on the neutrons movements and this will differ to every human being.

This provides us a way to conclude that all the senses are not believable while the brain also not believable. We can understand that this is a subject which cannot be accepted or agreed that all the matters are within the sensing organs of the human body and nothing beyond that while we have these as the base. Therefore, the vitality of the living being will never die but the body which shows the faith and experience will alone die. There is nothing wrong to announce firmly that the death is a travel between a body to another physical body.  We need not feel shy to do so.

Our ancestors mention the death as the ever living event since the vitality is a steady and indestructible matter. They named and called the external world as the heaven where all the dead souls which have reached to the vital stage are listed and serialized. The living beings call the dead souls has the ever living beings expecting love, affection and hospitality from the dead souls.
PS :  Arcea --- Areca is a genus of about 50 species of palms in the family Arecaceae, found in humid tropical forests from China and India, across the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomon Islands

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