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Is it good to demolish the old home?


        Our house is very old and was constructed before eighty years by following the principles of Vasthu Shastra. We are living happily in this home since many generations. But few people comment that no one is allowed to live in a home for more than sixty years without renovating the home. If this is true, will we have to demolish and reconstruct our home?  Please explain.

Saravanan, Tiruchendur
           If your house is constructed with good basement strongly then there is no need to demolish it. But the vastu shastra is telling that the divine powers will stay in a home for a period of Sixty years only and then we shall rejuvenate these divine powers again to make them stay at the home. But few people convey that the old home shall be demolished and reconstructed by misunderstanding the sayings of Vasthu Shasthra. Moreover there are various good ways to bring the divine powers with refreshed energy to our home instead of demolishing and reconstruction.
vastu remedy            If any small holes, damages found in the home shall be plastered and finished with new paint and then the holy deeds such as Navagraha Homam, Sudarsana Homam, etc can be performed by following the authentic principles. The Lakshmi Narayana Homam shall be performed in the home especially to please the tutelary deity, family deity, etc. and make them live in the home permanently. After this, we can offer tasteful feasts and parties to all the relatives, friends and the poor people inside the home itself. It is a good habit to donate the clothes according to the status and the capability. We can enjoy a happy life in the same home constructed by the ancestors.

Even Those Who Have No Faith Can See God

  •       We have heard that Breathing exercises called Pranayama are good for a healthy life.
  • We also know that the way to practice Pranayama should be learned from a Guru. Some people think they can decide if they can practice Pranayama or not after getting to know the preconditions like timing and food.
  • Pranayama not only increases one’s lifespan, it also helps one lead a healthy life as long as he or she is alive.
  • Books on Yoga clearly state that breathing exercises are to be properly practiced only in the mornings and evenings.
  • At dawn and dusk, one has to sit in padmasana position on the floor, and ensure that the spine is erect.
  • There are no strict stipulations that one has to use deer or tiger skins as spread on the floor.
  • Cotton or woolen clothes can also be used.
  • Mats made of canvas clothes are better.
  • We can keep the images of our favorite deities in the room where we practice the breathing exercises.
Sandhya Vandanam
  • People who don’t believe in God can keep natural sceneries. This practice will take even an atheist closer to God.
  • It is very important to keep the room clean and make sure there is free flow of light and air.
  • Incense sticks or other perfumed objects should not be used.
  • During the practice there should neither be other human movements, nor the presence of pet animals.
  • As for diet, keep your stomach half full with cooked rice combined with a little ghee and dhal.
  • As far as possible don’t let the mind wander; keep the eyes closed; and very slowly without any hurry practice the breathing exercises.
  • What is to be noted here is that you have to practice Pranayama at the same time every day. You can’t change the time as you wish.
  • You have to follow a fixed schedule of time every day.
  • Shouting and the use of harsh words should be avoided.
  • As far as possible don’t let the mind entertain lustful thoughts.
  • As for diet, keep your stomach half full with cooked rice combined with a little ghee and dhal.
  • As for the rest of your stomach, one quarter should be filled with water and the other quarter with air.
  • After your meals any one of the fruits like banana, mango, orange, or custard apple should be taken.
  • When your stomach is full or when you are hungry, you should not practice Pranayama.
  • Only on an empty stomach and a after clean bath you have to practice the exercises.
  • Those who practice Pranayama will not be affected by any serious disease.
  • There should not be any noise.

The prosopis spicigera tree which vanishes the Vasthu defects

             My home is constructed properly as per the Vasthu Shasthra principles. In spite of this my mind is not stable from the time my entering inside the home. I am tempted unwantedly. This has become a regular incident happening in our home in front of my family members. Why it is like this? What to do to change this?    

                                                                                                                     Rajagopalan, Kallakurichi

  The structure of your home is perfect according to the house plan sent by you.  The horoscope of all your family members is also in good condition.  But the serenity in the outside of your home and the commotion inside the home may be due to the soil system of the land upon which your home is built.  You have not inspected this in the beginning before building your home.  There is no point in worrying about this now.  The prosopis spicigera tree which is called as Vanni Maram in Tamil is capable of vanishing out all the defects of the soil.  You dig trenches in all the eight corners of your house and bury the sticks of this tree at the early morning time of a new moon day.   The adverse effects of the soil will vanish gradually within sixty days of time.  Every one of you will get peace and happiness automatically.


To get a healthy body

Which planet shall be worshipped to get a healthy body?
 What is the remedy to be done?


   The 6th place in every horoscope indicates the physical health symptoms. The physical health of a person will be strong or weak based on the nature of ruler planet of the sixth house. Moreover the planets Saturn, Cauda Draconis (Rahu), etc will play major role in the creation of diseases. Herbal plants like Basil (Tulsi), Neem, Aeglemarmeles (Vilwa), Cynodon Dactylon grass, etc are the major components in inserting the power of these three planets inside the human body parts. Troublesome physical diseases will not be present in our body if we add any of these herbal plants in our food atleast once in a week. It is a good habit to worship the God Dhanvanthri or Dhanvanthri Yantra as per the systems and customs. 


Remeady for Janmasani

Sir, I am born in swathi star and my lagnam is mesha. The Janmasani is going to start for me in the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day. Will this create any problem to my health? Please explain. 
Rajagopalan, Kallakurichi

   The effects of the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day will not be malicious according to the calculation done by us based on the Almanac of astrological spherics as per the birth details sent by you. The reason is that this period of the Saturn in your horoscope is the second round only that is the period the Seven and a half Saturn period from the Saturn shift day is the period of Saturn offering you all kinds of wealth.

The wealth and your place in the society will always be in the ascending path and will never descend during this period.

Moreover the swathi star is a favorable star to the planet Saturn. Hence it can be concluded that the effects of the Birth Saturn Janma Sani in your horoscope will not be malicious. Moreover the present Dasa and Buddhi in your horoscope are formed in a good way only. Here you need not fear for this. But it is a best habit to go to Thirunallar and worship the Planet Saturn Saneeswara. In case if you cannot visit there, you may offer sesame rice to the crow on every Saturday. This will give you the best effects. 


The Yogam that makes a Prince a Pauper


            To think that the word ‘yogam’ means fortune is wrong.  In Astrological terms, yogam refers to the connection between any two planets.  This word takes on different meanings depending on the relation to the planets.  There are over 300 such meaningful combinations. Let us see some of them.

Sunapa yogam
Yogams related to the Moon
First let us see the yogams related to the combination of the moon with other planets. If in a horoscope, planets other than Sun, Raagu and Kethu are present before and after the moon, it is called Thuruthara yogam.  This yogam will give a person, good relationships, temperament and automobile facilities.

Likewise, if in the twelfth place to the Moon, planets other than Raagu and Kethu are present, it is called Anapa yogam.  This yogam will give one good health, name and fame.

If in the second place to the Moon, planets other than Sun, Raagu, kethu are present it is called Sunapa yogam.  This yogam will take an ordinary person, by means of hard work, to a position equal to a king.

If there are no planets before and after the Moon, it is called Kemathurumam yogam.  If this yogam is present in a horoscope, it will make even a multi millionaire a beggar and bring him to the streets.

Sakada Yogam
If Guru is present in the first, fourth, seventh and tenth places to the Moon, it is called Kajakesa yogam.  This yogam will give one, long life, fame, money, and vehicle facilities.

If in a horoscope Moon and Mars are present together, it is called Chandra mangala yogam.  This yogam will give one, plenty of immovable properties. At the same time if these planets are seen by any inauspicious planet, besides giving properties, it will give also brain disorders.
If Guru is present in the eighth or the twelfth place to the Moon, it is called Sakada Yogam.  The lives of people born in this yogam will be unstable with lots of ups and down and revolve like a wheel.

Vaasi yogam
Yogams related to the Sun:

If planets other than Moon, Raagu and Kethu are present, in the second place to the Sun, that will be called Vesi yogam.  Men and women born with this yogam will give up their self respect in order to earn money and properties.

If planets other than Raagu and Kethu are present in the twelfth place to the Sun, that is called Vaasi yogam.  This yogam will bring great fame to the person.  If any planet is present on either side of the Sun, that is called Suya upayasaari yogam.  This yogam will give good income and fame to the person.

Kajakesari yogam
As per Astrology, the best yogam is Kajakesari yogam.  This is possible only by the ascendancy of Guru in a particular horoscope.

Apart from this there are five yogams called panchamaga purusha yogam.  They are Bathra yogam, Roosaga yogam, Kasa yogam, Hamsa yogam and Maavalya yogam.  These yogams will give complete results only if there are favourable planetary positions.  If the planetary positions are not favourable, then the results will be only partial.


Can’t Women be born in Moola Star?

moola star girl

                 There are many wrong opinions about Astrology among the common folk.  Even those who do not have the basic knowledge of Astrology create some rhyming proverbs. One such proverb is that men born in Moola star will be princes and women born in Moola star will be paupers. If this proverb is true, then all rulers starting from the kings to the local ward members, should have been born in Moola star.  I have examined the horoscopes of several beggars who have been born in Moola star. 

moola birth star
 On the contrary many women born in Moola star have lived like queens.  So the idea that men born in Moola star will be rulers, and women born in Moola star will disappear into non existence is a mere false belief that is neither supported by the Sastras nor personal experiences.

 Likewise there is a belief that women born in Aayilya star will not have Mother-in-law. Today there are many daughters-in-law born in Aayilya star who engage in healthy quarrels daily with their mothers-in-law.

moola star female

There is another popular belief that those born in Bharani star will rule the earth.  There may have been some sporadic cases of those born Bharani star being rulers. This is like relating two totally unrelated incidents.  When we approach Astrology scientifically, from the point of view of the Sastras, there are no evidences for such a belief. This belief is also one of the many superstitions about Astrology, and there is no any truth in the belief.


The person who touches a woman will spoil the mantra

            The priest at the temple spells the mantras.  The Brahmin priest at the river bank spells the mantras while going there to do the rituals for the ancestors.  Even the magician is also spells the mantras while eradicating the ghosts. We also spell the word mantra frequently in our day to day talks.  If anyone says a word again and again, we tell that he spells the word like a mantra. If this is so, many of us may have questions like, what is the meaning of the mantra. What is the philosophy behind this?  Let us now analyze the explanation given by our ancestors.

The mantras also are the sound vibrations formed with letters only. There are major differences between the ordinary words and the mantra words. The people who read the epics and listened about them would have known about the deed of cursing. The fuming curse and the furious angry of the Sage Durvasa are very famous. Have you ever thought about cursing? Scolding a person like go to hell, Get lost, etc. are not considered as the deed of curse.  If anyone blesses us heart fully while he got spoiled in real and loses his life permanently due to us, is also considered as a curse.

Hence the feelings of the heart are in background of the word ‘curse’.   Likewise the vibration sound will create the proper pressure based on the inner feelings of the person who spells the magical words. The magical power gets powered automatically while it joins with the external vibration of the world.

mantras for meditation
Therefore the same mantra produces a result while spelled by a person and produces no result while spelled by another person. Few people may ask about proof for all this.  The science keeps all this aside considering that all these is deeds of blind faith. Hence this cannot be believed. If anyone gets any result out of the mantra spelled by them, few people comment that it has happened in just a coincidence and not due to the power of mantra. These people have to think about all this with peace of mind.

We send Satellites to analyze and inspect the other planets including the Moon and the Mars. These Satellites capture few photographs of these planets and send to the earth. We also become happy while seeing these photographs shown in daily newspapers and in Television Channels.

meditation mantrasThese photographs come to the earth from very far place. Many of us do not know about the shape of the transformation of these photographs. Actually these photographs do not come to the earth in the shape of pictures. They arrive in the mode of sound only. Few computers convert the sound into the shape of a photograph. More or less few sounds spread in the Space of Galaxy have been converted to magical mantras by some sages; they also contain some pictures within them.

For example if we give the Sri Rudram Sound as the input to the above said computers, they will produce the drawn shape of the dancing posture of Lord Nataraja. Likewise if we give the Vishnu Sahasranamam as the input they will produce the picture of Lord Narayana having conch and the wheel in hand.

om mantra meditation
Hence we have to understand that the sounds of each and every mantra are the different appearances. A way will open while we do the prayer along with the chanting of mantras. The result of the prayer will be harmful if our thought is furious and the tone of our pronouncing the mantra is ferocious.

There is a very important reason for all the people not being able to use this sound vibration easily. Even though the radioactive rays are spread all around, a radio is required to grasp these rays. This means, a very costly golden box also does not have the power to grab the radioactive rays like the radio box having the power to grasp the specific radioactive rays.

Likewise a person following bachelor life having a strong body with energetic sense is required to intake the magical power which is spread all over the world and exposes the same. The person who is not properly following the principles of bachelor life is not eligible to apply the magical powers.

In this matter many duplicate magicians appear and insult the magical epics and also divert the concentration of the people. At last they die with the same knife which they have acquired in the hand. Hence the people have to understand clearly that the application of magical powers can be done exclusively only by the people following the principles of authentic bachelor life.


Have you ever experienced of seeing the Siddhar?

                The great sages called as Siddhar will never advertise themselves.  About two months ago I was relaxing myself by sitting under the coconut trees at our Narayana Mission Ashram complex.  This kind of sitting is my favorite entertainment habit.  Is there any other enjoyment in the world apart from watching the scenes like the squirrels climbing and playing on the trees, the birds dancing in the branch of the trees, etc?  My assistant came near me and said there is someone has come to meet me.  I asked him to come to me.

A young man came and stood in front of me whose costumes were like a north Indian.  But his face was flashing with a Dravidian glow which was confirming that he is a Tamilian.  I offered him a seat and asked what his name is.  He introduced himself that his name is Tamil GyanaSiddhar and also blessed me by applying the holy white ash, which he brought magically from his bare hand.  I accepted his blessings with great devotion.  He told me that I am going to do Annadanam (offer food in charity) in my place and so you have to offer two bags of rice or the money equivalent to that.  The Goddess Adhiparasakthi has ordered me to tell you to give this to me.


If money is required in charity, it could have been asked normally.  There is no need to do unwanted things like bringing the Holy ash Vibhuti, telling that this is the order of the Goddess, etc.  Hence I asked him very politely, Swami, to whom you are going to do the Annadanam, provide the food freely?  He daringly said that it is for the public people.

I told him politely and in a teasing manner that in general, I do not like to do annadanam.  I will get the necessary food to the beggar in the roadside, or to a mentally retarded person, if I wish to offer food to anyone.  Hence I asked him to excuse me for being unable to fulfill the order of the Goddess.

He got angry immediately.  He said that he is the progeny of the great sage Durvasa. He is a siddhar professionally trained in all kinds of magical tricks. He will curse if he becomes furious in anger. By listening to his talk, I thought that it would be a time of enjoyment for my mind if I see my friends the crow and the sparrow. Hence I made a gesture asking him to get out and resumed my work.


There is a crowd of such siddhas these days in the country. These people will not know the true meaning of the word siddhar. The mental illness of feeling themselves as a siddhar will come by reading four songs composed by few siddhas and by knowing few sayings of the siddhas.

Let the real siddhas excuse such people. I had a wish to practice the skill of controlling the organs of the body in the kundalini practice session during the devotional practice of my early stages. But I do not know the method of doing this. During that time I had the opportunity of meeting a great siddha.

My Arakandanallur (Present Living Place ) evening hobby during that time was to sit in between the horse statues in the Arakandanallur Pachai Vazhiyamman Temple. One day while myself and my friend were sitting over there, a beautiful man came and sat near us. He was of about four feet only. It would have been long time he has put oil on his head and combed the hair. He asked me to get a cigarette to him while he was cleaning his stained teeth with toothpick. I told my friend to give that man the new cigarette packet which he was having in his pocket.

The cost of that cigarette packet was Rupees twenty five before twenty years itself. My friend might have thought that how we can give such costly cigarette to a person seeming like a beggar. That man, who felt this in a second, has told me Sir you need not give this costly thing to me. Instead it is enough if you get me a beedi. My friend was shocked. He went to the shop and got him a packet of beedi and gave him while thinking about how that old man knows the thought of his mind. Both of us were shocked of seeing the next incident.

Yogi Sri Ramananda Guru

He lighted the beedi and pulled in the smoke deeply and did not leave out the smoke like other people. He swallowed all the smoke of the whole beedi which he inhaled in a stroke like a monkey smoking a beedi. After a moment the smoke of the beedi came from the bottom of his dhoti. That is he left out the smoke from the hole of the rectum. Who will not be shocked if they see such a shocking scene?

Although, shocked in the beginning, I understood in a few moment that the people who could do like this might have been surely got trained in doing the Hata Yoga. Instantly I expressed the wish of my mind about learning the kundalini yoga. He asked my friend to go far and wait, he thought me that practice without hiding anything clearly and also about the method of doing that Yoga according to my body standards.

The one time teaching of him has got fixed in my mind strongly as if this teaching was listened since many ages. He took just two rupees only as the fees for teaching the technique desired by me and he tore the two rupees note into pieces immediately after taking from me. I could not understand till today why he did like that. I never met him after this incident.

Likewise I have met few real siddhar people with a one to one meeting. I have interacted with them. They have thought me some secret tantric arts. It can be said that the experience of obtaining delightful wisdom, joy, etc. after meeting them can never be forgotten. To pen all those incidents a separate book shall be published.     
PS : A beedi is a thin, Indian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a tendu leaf tied with a string at one end.

Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivaite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practiced an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation. Yogic powers called Siddhis are acquired by constant practice of certain yogic disciplines. Those who acquire these Siddhis are called Siddhas.

Annadanam is a unique scheme among all donations.

Tantra is the name given by scholars to a style of meditation and ritual which arose in India

The kingdom of the ghosts

            The vitality which is inside our body will make our mind to stand in a middle dot without having any kind of hindrance for missing out the concentration like a uncontrollable horse it will alert many of the nerves of our brain while we bring and stop the vitality at the Kumbakam (sopping the breath by shutting the mouth and closing the nostrils) through Poorakam (Inhalation, filling in of breath) and Resakam (expiration of breath according to the rules prescribed for ascetics)
A human being will travel from an ordinary position to an imaginary position by getting reduced of various feelings like confusions, diversions, excitements, etc. while the mind stands still normally in the middle dot. That is the people who can do concentration of mind or meditation will not have occurrences of dreams, confusions, etc. like the ordinary human beings. Even if they happen to see a dream that will not be an ordinary event but that will be an awakening about an innovative thing processed by the God or some unknown magical power.

Likewise, I felt an event of awakening before eight months that was like an audio rather than a video. Suddenly there I could listen to an audio voice saying that I have been screened by many people. I have got involved in my day to day works keeping that matter of the audio voice assigned. After that that voice has disappeared from my mind.

Generally, my nature is to read all the letters of my inbox irrespective of the size of the letter in between any kind of busy schedule of my routine. Mostly all the letters will be an outcome of their respective personal problems. I could see with my eyes a unique letter which was much expressive than other letters. This was written by Ila Nagarajan (one of my follower) from dindigul.

He has written in a very much expressive way of melting my heart that he along with his close friends and relatives has built a temple of Lord Srirama and has celebrated the opening function of the temple in the presence of various priests and Brahmins, but none of the people from that village are not coming to that temple to worship the God and even no children is coming to the temple to receive the Prasadams.

My mind was very much embarrassed by reading that sensitive letter which was written in the initiation of the destruction of the God’s work and I could not see even a line written about him while many people are focusing only upon their self-improvement rather than having devotion upon the God. After reading this letter I could realize that the voice of the hidden saying that “I have been screened” is a true fact.

My heart aspired to go immediately to that temple and venerate the wonderful idol of the Lord present in that temple.  I started to go to the temple located in the Muthalapuram village where the Lord is present without bothering my physical condition according to the proverb that a desire of mind will not bother the situation.  The Muthalapuram village is located at the dindigul to vathalagundu road before about 6 k.m. of the vathalagundu town.

Lord Sri Ramachandra has magnificently ascended with his consort Seethadevi along with his brother Lakshmana like accepting the dedicated service of Lord Anjaneya.  The posture present in this temple makes us as if the calf spotting the mother cow.  The gracious light of the root wheel established here maker our heart devoted upon the God.  Even though the temple is situated as very simple we can see the elegance and superior divinity of the places of penance performed by many great sages in this sanctum.

I felt that the Lord who exists like a wish master who fulfills all the desires of the people, is ready to clear all the grievances of many people.  But someone has spread a false rumor that the town is starving without rain water, wilting with poverty because of the presence of the temple of the Lord Sri Rama, the appearance of the god as dark in complexion like the clouds.  The innocent people of the town are craving for the savior in belief of this false gossip spread over the town.  I returned to my home after giving a lecture to those innocent people explaining about the greatness of that particular temple and the power & benevolence of the Lord Sri Rama, who blesses the deprived people.

Thereafter felt I an opinion. If the Lord Sri Rama who is aware of all the activities itself is screened with scandal news like this what will be condition of the village deities which are not very much famous in other places except the situated village.  I was worrying about the kind of blunders committed by the innocent people of that village to those village deities.

One of a devotee came from Radhapuram part of Tirunelveli district, which gave me a feeling that this may be the outcome of my worry.  He said with tears in his eyes that it has become about 30 years since he got married.  His wife is behaving madly in sudden intervals from about a month of their marriage.  He has approached various doctors, Malayalam exorcist and nothing was cured till today.  They are unleashing the goblin named Isakki and are spoiling his life.

I believed that the Isakki is the divine god but I got confused about when this has become as an unleashing goblin.  I sat in the Pooja room and observed his wife about her status and found that an evil spirit in the form a mischievous sprite is torturing his wife.

You may raise a question about what is a mischievous sprite. Let me explain briefly about that.  If a woman born in an authentic family is murdered or brutally killed dishonestly while performing all the Pooja formalities according to the regulations, that soul will violently wander for a specific period in the places where it was living, where it was habited regularly.  The dwelling place of this female goblin will be a well grown mimosa tree.  It is said that there is no evil ghost soul equal to this female goblin in harassing the person on whose body it has got dwelled.

This devotee cannot digest if I explain the true fact of this ghost soul on that day’s situation.  Hence I performed the tantric Poojas and homas (sacred fire) to appease the female goblin and sent out the woman safely after removing the spirit united within her.  Today, his wife is perfectly happy.

The words said by him that “they are unleashing the evil goblin named Isakki and are spoiling his life” were repeated within me.  Due to this, the interest of knowing about the village deities and their nature has developed within me.  During this time, I happened to read the commentary written by a scholar “Levi Brellin” that the worship of the village deities in the Tamilnadu is the worship of the ghosts.

This comment has attacked the fire of my interest detained within myself like a storm.  This storm has awakened various questions like this.  Are all the worship methods of the village deities are the worship of the ghosts?  If so, are all the stories connected to the epics about these deities are of just imagination?

The worship of the ghosts is not a new topic for the culture of the Tamilians.  The worship routine of the ghosts is active Tamilnadu before the period of the history.  The glory of the Southern people and their worship methods have been explained in detail in the famous Tamil epic Tolkappiyam.  We can get various interesting aspects if we research the worship of the ghosts based on this epic Tolkappiyam.

During the grand attack processes conducted by the ancient kings to broaden the border of the country or for few more problems related to the pride of the country, the cadet school and the middle rocks have been provided by the kings won in the war for the great warriors who died courageously in the war field.

The relatives and the people saved by him or attracted by his bravery have habited themselves to offer their respectful tributes to the deceased warriors by offering various auspicious things and by tendering oblations at the cadet schools and middle rocks.

Appraisal wordings were engraved on the rocks according to the courageousness of the deceased warrior.It is appreciable that the fame of the warriors has been clearly shown on the middle rocks.  There is no doubt that the notes about the brave incidents engraved on single rocks will have the true facts and are intensive.

That is the single rocks were frequently used before the usage of the sculptures, copper engravings, etc.  Since the figures of the deceased warriors and their activities are engraved as artistic rock sculptures, will be very much comfortable for worshipping them and also is an aspect of encouragement to merge our mind with the dead soul.

Moreover the verses 13 & 15 of the tamil epic Pathitrupathu clearly shows that the ancient tamilians were performing the worship of the ghosts before the integration of the Arya and Dravida people.  The people live in the places of kurinji, mullai, marutham, neithal, palai have been worshipping five great deities named Seyon, Mayon, Venthan, Varunan, Kotravai, etc.  The tamil epics like Purananuru, Silappatikaram, and other ancient classic literatures shows us clearly that most of the people were performing the worship the Thenpulaththaar, their ancestors.

Everything is ok – Most of us have been considering that the village deities are the attendants or the poltergeists of the great gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, etc.  Is our belief of trusting that the Angalaparameshwari, Mutharamman, Bathrakali, Ayyanaaar, Sudalai, etc. are the incarnations of the great gods such as Shakthi, Siva, Ayyappan, etc. is wrong now?

I strongly believe that it is definitely not wrong. If a mixture of turmeric and the sandalwood is given to the specialists, they will be able to distinguish that both are different by analyzing it.  Likewise, even though the worship method of the Gods and the worship method of the ghosts are connected to each other, we can understand the difference between each other clearly if we examine the background of the worship procedures and methods of these deities.

The worship methods of petite gods and of the ancestors are observed as the same in the countries such as Indonesia, Caribbean Islands, South and North Korea, China, etc. and also in the state of Tamilnadu. That is the relevance of the mantra used to worship the petite gods and also the ghost world; both are more or less the same.  If we study the epics of our area deeply, we can feel the difference of the worship methods of the god and the ancestors.  Therefore, we have clearly understood that the worship method of the petite gods and that of the ghost world is different from each other.

PS: Brahmins are traditional Hindu societies of India, Nepal and the Far East

Prasada is a material substance of food that is a religious offering in both Hinduism and Sikhism, which is consumed by worshippers.

A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous creature, a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom.

Kurinji – Mountainous Region, Mullai – Forests, Marutham – Cropland, Neithal – Seashore & Palai – Desert

Angalaparameshwari, Mutharamman, Bathrakali, Ayyanaaar, & Sudalai --- Names of SmallGod in Tamilnadu

Sri Ramachandra, Seethadevi, Lakshmana and Anjaneya --- Names of Hindugod

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